Listen To Your Gut Feeling

We’ve all had those moments when something just didn’t ‘feel’ right or those times when we felt something didn’t feel right in your ‘gut’ – only to later find out your ‘gut’ was right. Where do those feelings come from?

You may even have an idea pop into your mind or a thought about a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time and then within minutes they call you on the phone. What is happening here? Are all of these things just coincidences or is this further proof that we are all connected by an energy field.

These thoughts and feelings shouldn’t be taken lightly especially in those who have perfected their ability to ‘listen’ to those instincts as this is Spirit’s or God’s way of communicating to us.

Jessica Zavala is just such a person who gets these type messages from Spirit and/or Spirit guides. She makes a living doing this as she is an intuitive and a life coach and she gets messages from these sources on a daily basis. On this week’s show we discuss the different places or sources that these messages come from.

Those in the metaphysical world say that our thoughts/feelings come from:

  1. God – the energy field
  2. Higher self – some people say this is one and the same
  3. Our spirit guides
  4. From other people’s thoughts

There are odd things that happen to people who don’t believe in what some call the ‘woo woo world.’ For instance, there are those who have prophetic dreams that come true; dreams that are very different from the normal dreams they routinely have. Our gut feelings do come from somewhere – let’s talk about where that somewhere is…

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