Finally, I met a guy who wanted to get to know me as a friend. He wasn’t hitting on me, he didn’t need money, he was completely self-sufficient. He saw something in me. I’d never had anyone mirror back a positive image of me, ever. I’d always looked at other people, regardless of their position in life, and I assumed they looked down on me. That they could see that I was garbage,” explains Lisa Kirk.

Lisa KirkWhat happens when you have no self-esteem and it seems the cards of life are stacked against you? It can be a long plummet downward.

Lisa Kirk grew up in an outwardly perfect family – truth is, it was anything but that. Alcohol, drugs, failed relationships, abuse, both physically and mentally. Lisa found herself in the downward spiral in a life that was completely out-of-control.

It all came to a tipping point when her live-in-partner did the unthinkable…

One night, after I fell asleep, he was super high on cocaine, he found my hiding place and stole all my money. He continued to get more violent and he ended up getting into a fight with a neighbor after a drinking binge. We were eventually evicted. This screwed up my credit and my rental history. The first night we went to stay with some people he knew, and when I saw that it was basically a drug house, I lost it. We were at the top of the stairs and he punched me square in the face; I fell backward down the stairs. I couldn’t see, I literally thought I was going to die. I left that night, I had what I was wearing and a couple of bags of clothes in my car. I parked behind a building in the industrial area. I had to keep starting my car throughout the night because it was so cold.  So here I am, injured from being pushed down the stairs, but all I thought about was how I left him without money and that I had failed him. I had zero self-worth.

The story of how Lisa Kirk turned her life around continues on the Brink of Greatness Podcast…

The Next Leap Forward

We are inspired on the Brink of Greatness to help get the word out, and to make a difference in the world on the plight of homeless-beings! Lisa has one of the most unusual and fascinating ways of connecting to these lost souls.

Society is too focused on people’s past or background, and that is the true problem behind homelessness. It is the obstacle that keeps people from rejoining life. Everyone can change if given the opportunity. These people aren’t monsters or losers, They’re important.

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