As many women seek to achieve their goals, find their dream lover and server humanity we must admit that sometimes life sucks. Whether it’s relationship drama or a lack of self-confidence, a little dose of realism is sometimes just what the doctor orders.

Dr. Andrea is joined by Gayle Friend, a doctor of human sexuality to explore the drama and trauma of finding true love — starting with ourselves. She experienced the rocky road of her first divorce and when her second marriage was nearly at a breaking point, she questioned everything in her life. Being on the brink of personal destruction, in a passionless marriage, and feeling like her future was bleak brought a tough decision to mind. This is a conversation that is serious, but full of highs as the two docs explore the story Gayle shared in Time to Rise, entitled, “Life’s Not All Rainbows and Orgasms.

Dr. Gayle Friend is an Intimacy expert, keynote speaker, author, science, sex, and spiritual geek. And a love junkie. She’s internationally known for her success in helping people to increase passion and pleasure, enjoy close emotional intimacy, and communicate openly with ease. Dr. Gayle’s approach is different from traditional talk therapy. She combines all of her passions and many modalities that empower her clients to make leaps and bounds in their lives. She works with individuals, couples, and corporations who value happy, healthy relationships. If you’re ready to live in peace and harmony, you’re in the perfect place at the perfect time!

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