How many of us have been in the position we thought our lives were going one way, and suddenly it takes a turn? Sometimes it is that turn that keeps most people from moving forward. Over the years, I have known people who became depressed because life took a turn or in this case a curve. Sadly, some of these individuals took their own lives because the curves were just too much for them to handle. It is with this in mind, I introduce you to today’s guest on THE ENERGY BAR.

Everyone goes thorough times they wish life was a bit different. Sometimes feeling they got the worst of a business deal or feeling God has left them. Whatever the case may be, today’s show will take you on a ride of a life time as my guest Suzie Carr and I share a message of hope for those of you who are facing or maybe already in the bend of Life’s Curves.

Stop whatever you are doing, you do not want to miss this show!

Suzie Carr is a contemporary novelist, philanthropist, writing coach, and
avid blogger. She has written ten lesbian fiction novels, two non-fiction
how-to books, and produced a video course for writers. Her novel,
Sandcastles, placed as a Runner Up in the 2015 Rainbow Book Awards for Best
Contemporary Lesbian General Fiction and for Best Lesbian Book and was
nominated for a Goldie award in the Lesbian General Fiction category.
Additionally, her novel Staying True received an Honorable Mention in the
2013 Rainbow Book Awards for Best Lesbian Romance. All ten of her novels
were best sellers on Amazon, with her latest, The Dance, remaining in the
top 20 for Lesbian Romance for three months following its release in
February 2016.

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