Sung to the tune of ‘America’ from the Broadway hit West Side Story.

Life will be great in America,
Caravans will go to America.
No line to wait at America,
Just step your toe in America!

Once we can get to America,
we all can vote in America.
Democrats take note in America.
and register us all in America!

The verses to my little ditty could go on and on, but I think you get the message. Democrats have come to the conclusion that the only way they will be able to defeat President Trump and his agenda is to import more people to support them in elections.

In two words, continuing Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the United States is the ultimate goal.

As has been typical of Democrats for decades now the emphasis is political power above all else. What’s good for the country doesn’t matter, what protects America doesn’t matter, and even American lives don’t matter. Democrats are willing to sacrifice it all in order to gain and maintain control of the government.

Their twisted vision is of a socialist utopia where there is wealth distribution for everyone. Everyone that is except the ruling elite and their supporters. I can assure you that the Democrat Party’s supporters in the entertainment industry will be exempted from sharing their wealth with America’s newly imported impoverished. It will be America’s middle class, the working people of America who will bear the burden and pay the price.

A common refrain from Democrats who like to beat up on successful people in America is to promise to “tax the rich”, make them pay their fair share. Except you don’t hear Democrats direct those comments against the many well-known public figures from the entertainment industry who support them, and who make millions of dollars for a single film or record album. In fact, I can’t recall ever hearing a Democrat politician demanding that their supporters in the entertainment industry “share their wealth” with others.

Now I certainly don’t begrudge anyone, entertainer or otherwise from being paid what the market will bear. And many of them indeed support – mostly liberal – charitable causes. But I’m betting money not a one of them ever tells their tax accountants to “don’t worry about keeping my taxes low”. You can bet they tell them to look for every penny they can save. And they would be right in doing so. There’s nothing wrong with anyone trying to legally reduce their tax burden. The government gets enough of our money to squander on useless projects.

Back in 2008 I spoke to a very wealthy acquaintance of mine and asked him about then candidate Barack Obama’s promise to “tax the rich”, how much that was going to affect him if Obama was elected. His response was illuminating. He told me that Obama’s threats to raise his taxes didn’t worry him that much. He could afford to pay the expensive tax attorneys and accountants to keep his tax burden low.

In fact he went on to say that since the poor didn’t pay taxes anyway, it would be the working class who would have to pick up the slack to pay for all the social programs that Democrats wanted to create.

And that speaks to the problem of illegal immigration, and why Democrats support open borders. They desperately need more and more poor illegal aliens to become addicted to government handouts. That way they can get them to dance to the Democrat Party’s tune once they register them to vote.

Yep, life will be great in America.