Everything was taken from Merita McCormack’s parents.

Property. Rights. Education. Privacy.

Merita was born into Communist Albania and her family was an “enemy of the class.” A kulak. She was not allowed to be educated because her family refused to support Communism. The government controlled every aspect of their lives…except their free will to not support a deadly dictatorship which began in 1944 and it did not formally change until 1991.

Merita and her brothers, though, learned English by way of a rigged antennae which her brothers accessed English speaking movies by way of a channel in a neighboring country. Each night they would learn a few new words and it was the gateway to their liberty.

She notes that American liberals and progressives sound just like the Socialists / Communists of Albania by labeling the opposition with egregious names, like “deplorables” and hungering for more and more power and control over the populace.

Terry looks at both sides and then filters through a biblical worldview lens. President of Hosea Initiative and author of What If We’ve Been Wrong? She says the #1 problem facing women: they’ve been duped my the lies, myths and propaganda of the “sexual revolution”. Three words describe Terry: Tenacious, Christ follower, Pro-life.