A Life Naked and Vulnerable, Kelly Murphy 2

Kelly Murphy had talked about having her own show since the launch of the America Out Loud Network back in April 2016. She was so enthusiastic on the concept of helping others live a more fulfilling life; High Heels High Hopes was the perfect name when she launched the show on September 30th this year. She had been a contributor with her writings and fantastic columns of inspiration on the network for almost two years now. We will miss Ironman Kelly Murphy more than words can describe.

582b95efe67fa-imageOur beloved friend, confidante, advisor, and host of High Heels High Hopes, Kelly Ann Murphy, passed away on November 7, 2016. She left this very last show for you to embrace and to be inspired. There will be more to say on all of this in the weeks ahead as we secure and preserve Kelly Murphy’s legacy. Next week, I will host HER show for the very final episode of High Heels High Hopes with highlights of our time with this beautiful woman. You will also meet the new host of the show, and a woman that Kelly selected personally to continue her legacy of helping others live the best most inspiring life possible! More on Kelly Murphy here.

Thank You Dear Friend,

“I go to church when I get on my bike.” Kelly Murphy

“How others see us definitely does not represent the truth of who we are, it only represents how they see us – nothing more. Don’t own anyone’s bias judgements, that’s their job, your job is to work at loving yourself – just as you are!” Kelly Murphy, this was one of her favorite quotes she discovered in social media.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental disorder characterized by an obsessive preoccupation that some aspect of one’s own appearance is severely flawed and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it. “If this doesn’t work and if it falls apart and I fall flat on my face… I can always come back.” Erika Strimer

Erika Strimer, Founder and CEO, Total MOVEment. My story is one of transformation. I was not born an athlete, my previous life was one of high heels, corporate lunches, and a brain rattled with justifications of not having enough time to work out or eat right. One day being blessed by circumstance, I met someone who believed in me. Who lit a fire inside me that burns stronger and brighter everyday. In the past five years I went from a high earning corporate sales job to being the Founder and CEO of my boot camp and building my city camp from the ground up that now has over 200 members. I have created a movement, where people get more than just a workout, they have an experience. I am a leader. I empower my community by creating a space where you work hard at your own pace, where everyone is successful and supportive. I help people get results, I get them to work hard and believe that they can!! I give 110% of myself making sure that for that entire hour the focus is on getting better, stronger, and one step closer to their goals from start to finish.

Total MOVEment is a place where you show up to be around other driven like-minded individuals, working together to accomplish something for yourself, to be challenged by others and from within. We want to show you just how far you can go when you let go and are courageous. Total MOVEment reignites the flame that is already burning inside of you waiting to be unleashed!!

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Kelly Murphy Fit & Fearless Living is on a faithful mission to transform a ‘stuck in suck’ mentality and inspire the desire for fit, healthy and prosperous living. She is the author of Fear Is Horseplay, a child-like story created to inspire all ages toward fearless action. Kelly’s influence on sharing her personal story of failure, tragedy, addiction and overcoming a limiting mindset is at the core of her life’s work. In 2011 Kelly crossed the Ironman finish line with an attitude that anything is possible if you are willing to do the work. Kelly is passionate about tackling the health crisis of our nation one story at a time.