The Life & Legacy of a Police Officer

The baby they delivered on the side of a country road… the life they saved performing mouth to mouth… the child whose memories of a figure in blue pulling her from the flames.

The memories of a life well lived deserves to be memorialized forever and now they can. Every Law Enforcement Officer leaves a legacy. They touch the lives of thousands during their long careers.

BLUE LIVES RADIO, THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT Host Lt Randy Sutton interviews two men who are responsible for contributing millions of dollars to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the founders of the “POLICE UNITY TOUR” Patrick Montuore and Harry Phillips. They reveal how every cop in America can be remembered forever at the National Law Enforcement Officers Museum under construction in Washington D. C.

Also in this episode Lt Sutton memorializes five Law Enforcement Officers who gave their lives last week and in this weeks segment of Randy’s “VIEW FROM THE BLUE”. Randy calls out the Bellevue Washington School Board and Teachers for using their classrooms to sway the opinions of children to support the racist hate group Black Lives Matter.

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