Father Michael Parise admits that he doesn't like change, and so when he found himself at the precipice of a life decision that would CHANGE EVERYTHING – he had a choice – DENY or be AUTHENTIC to who he really was, and embrace the new life that he wanted. 32 years as a Catholic Priest in helping thousands of others live their authentic lives – yet something was missing in his own life. Father Parise knew he was gay at an early age; as he explains “I've had homosexual feelings ever since I was in my teens… most gay people discover that around puberty… having the feelings is not sinful, it's just having feelings. I knew when I got ordained that I was gay.”

There are countless people who find themselves at a 'moment of truth' in their lives – a moment that begs for honesty, a moment of time when self-reflection and a new direction are necessary. The difficulty for most is to muster the courage to CHANGE!

There is something to learn from this story my friends. I encourage you to open your minds and your hearts and listen to Michael Parise tell his story. We do this in two parts, the first leg of our talk today takes on the impact and implications of a life change that for some would seem impossible – but not for Michael Parise. He not only embraced this enormous change in his life – but he is now helping countless others through his book, blog and speaking to LIVE THE AUTHENTIC LIFE THEY WERE DESIGNED TO LIVE. We will focus on this in the second part of our talk.

Life Interrupted: Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed

Michael Parise is an ordained priest with over 32 years ministry experience. He is now a certified spiritual director, a trained life coach, and a certified practitioner of emotional recovery. As the Life & Spirit Coach Michael’s specialty is helping busy professionals and executives who are overwhelmed and drowning in their responsibilities. He helps them focus on their priorities and simplify their lives so they have more balance and joy.

For Further Insight:
Website, http://parisecoaching.com
Book on Amazon, Life Interrupted: Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed
The Blog, http://parisecoaching.com/my-mans-blog/
In The Book – Life Interrupted: Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed
In this book, Michael Parise will show you how to:
– Take responsibility for your past, your emotions, desires, and failures.
– Create your spiritual and relational goals.
– Become aware of and prioritize your values
– Evaluate your relationship with self, with God, and with others.
– Welcome change, experience renewed self-worth, and deeper empathy.

At the end of this book, you will have a new understanding of the steps to take to a new life, be able to match who you are in your Soul with what you really want o do. You'll find freedom in a personal spirituality that works for your best interests and connects you to a reality-driven life.