Clint Lorance had dedicated his entire adult life to the United States Military, serving in Afghanistan as a 1st Lt in a dangerous combat zone when only three days into his newly appointed arena against the enemy forces, when an incident struck and this 1st Lt had to make a split second decision to fight back or be killed.

Clint Lorance is innocent, yet was charged with a 20 year prison sentence, currently he had served 6 years and still NO JUSTICE!

This video was filed in support of Clint Lorance’s Petition for a New Trial based on the newly-discovered evidence that the prosecution withheld. The prosecution claims that the riders were innocent civilians, when at all times, in Army databases, evidence that they left their fingerprint and DNA on roadside bombs at GRID coordinate where US personnel were killed or wounded proves them terrorists. The evidence should have been turned over to the defense in order to defend Clint.

Free Clint Lorance: Convicted of Murder for Proactively Ordering his Soldiers to Thwart an Ambush