Life Begins at 65 as Hero Cop Turns Writer 2

Every Law Enforcement Officer has within him – stories that can touch countless lives. Stories of courage, hope, fear; stories that not only make up an interesting life, but also a rewarding career. Stories like these is what POLICE RADIO is all about. This weeks show features an interview with a highly decorated police officer who became a writer in his retirement and has churned out 11 books in the process of that retirement. My guest today, Ernie Lijoi lived the life of a deep undercover cop in Boston during the days of The French Connection. He was a legend, inspiring Hollywood to bring him to the silver screen which he turned down because of his undercover career.

Ernie Lijoi Sr. is “a retired detective from the Quincy Police Department, Massachusetts. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and enlisted in the US Air Force, and was honorably discharged in 1964. He later graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with a degree in the Science of Law Enforcement. Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr., under the guise of Eddie Pannoni, challenged illicit dealers, killers and illegal operations stretching throughout the New England, The United States and Mexico.” Ernie Lijoi is the author of Meth or Myth, The Cash Mule, Destructive Obsession, The Butcher of Boston, The Tunnel and The Preyers. He is a co-author of Street Business II.

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Also during this episode, Randy takes on the Sheriff of Santa Clara County, California for bowing to political correctness and not allowing her Deputies access to “Officer Survival” training because of objections form community organizations.