Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder affects millions around the world. There are only a small percentage of these people who are diagnosed. It is typically defined in short order as “reliving trauma.” 

According to the Mayo Clinic, PTSD is characterized by symptoms requiring medical attention such as: Nightmares or unwanted memories of the trauma, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of the trauma, heightened reactions, anxiety, or depressed mood. All such symptoms required medical diagnosis and treatment. 

There are people who may experience: Behavioral: agitation, irritability, hostility, hypervigilance, self-destructive behavior, or social isolation. The Psychological symptoms are flashback, fear, severe anxiety, or mistrust.

Other symptoms include mood changes such as loss of interest or pleasure in activities, guilt, or loneliness and Sleep Disorders such as insomnia or nightmares. Other less recognized symptoms are emotional detachment or unwanted thoughts. Today’s show will bring to light some ways to deal with those in our family who may experiencing PTSD and how to manage your own response to this disease. This show is not intended in anyway to provide medical advice and all listeners are advised to seek medical attention if you feel you may have PTSD.

Anna Dowe is gave up a high paying corporate job to follow her passion to become an entrepreneur; author and speaker. She is the mother of two boys ( 12 and 7). Anna is married to a Canadian veteran who suffers from PTSD. Her journey as the spouse to a person with PTSD was the motivation behind her first book Bent Not Broken available at

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