This week the Russia hoax and Jussie Smollett are the lies of the week and they are unraveling before our very eyes. How can anyone trust anything that comes out of the mouths of any government or bureaucratic official? How do I know they are lying? They are moving their lips.  

We watched Obama and his administration spew lie after lie. Did you hear congress? The FBI, Clinton State Department, the CIA, the DOJ, Obama, The DOEd, the DOI, the climate panels – I could go on and on- all lie. Where was congress? They did nothing. Now is the time, it is up to, “We The People” to bring the truth to the forefront. 

If we want to get rid of this corrupt America hating regime, Call, Call, Call your Representatives. R or D, tell them you heard them and they are lying. Don’t be afraid to say the word LIE. Every time I hear a legislator calling America a democracy, I tell them that it’s a lie. If we don’t correct them, who will?

Now let’s connect a few dots. Lying is a behavior now accepted throughout government and business. Where do you learn to accept without verification? Why government schools using Common Core of course. In school, students learn that they are victims, and crimes against a person of color is a hate crime. (Aren’t all crimes hate crimes?) They learn they must identify their enemy (anyone who disagrees) plan their attack and beg the government to save them. The common enemy is President Trump and his supporters. The higher the pole numbers the bigger the lie. Watch out for the next 2 years.   

Common Core type education uses outcome based education. The outcome is known in advance so the narrative must fit the outcome. Therefore the procedure and knowledge must be skewed to fit the desired outcome. If it doesn’t fit their narrative a new one will be created. This newly created narrative alters facts and statistics by using snippets in order to reach the desired conclusion. No one cares if the “facts are phony” as long as the desired outcome is achieved. The ends justify the means. It is only through this approach for example that climate science can be settled. This outcome based education breeds lying. The conclusion is known when you start. The method and procedure are tainted – made up – lies so that the answer will come out as described. Facts are no longer relevant.

If we have been teaching our kids to lie in school, why are we surprised they grow up to be liars?

The CCS training itself is made up of lies using anti-American, anti-family, and anti-G-d focusing on victim hood through oppression. The purpose is to create a world full of victims with allegiance to no nation only to a government/business in charge of alleviating their pain. Take AOC as an example. Before the election she cried for the oppressed – offering them all kinds of free stuff. Since elected, she offers more free stuff. But free stuff for all means, mediocre stuff for all with no chance of bettering yourself. Bettering yourself means relying on yourself to improve your lot in life. AOC bettered herself by getting elected to a government job where she make over $174,000 per year. She moved up from a bartender to a position which allows her to live in a luxury apartment. Instead of allowing others to do the same, she slammed the door on their elevator to the top and cost the good people of cash strapped NYC 25,000 great paying jobs.  AOC – do as I say not as I do. How did this happen? Easy, she lied about the Amazon tax rebate. She will never be held accountable. Globalists hate competition.

Where do the lies come from? SCHOOL, reinforced by the MEDIA. Do you ever check what your family reads in school? Too many of us do not pay attention. Therefore, the lies in the content of many school materials are unnoticed. We do not see the bias and lies until it is too late. The MEDIA is there to reinforce the lies told in school. Make no mistake, it is not the job of today’s MSM to tell the truth. It is their job to reinforce the narrative and increase distribution. 

Students learn there is no higher power. There is no one other than yourself to answer too. Your truth is your truth of the day. Tomorrow your truth can change if it affects someone else who cares. There are no consequences for your actions. Jussie Smollett is the poster child for this. Do you think he ever reasoned or thought that if he created this racial hoax, he could go to jail and lose his career forever? No, I doubt it. Bet every day he saw everyone lying all the time on TV or social and figured if they can why can’t he? After all no one in the media is truthful, people make up stories to prove their point all the time; so why can’t he? His truth is his truth.

Children learn it is bad to think for yourself. What if the group disagrees? You will not fit in. Who will be your friends? You will be by yourself and get bullied for disagreeing. If what you learn is good, then anyone who disagrees must be evil. Students are taught early on that even if the group locks onto something totally wrong, they as an individual must be silent. The group is always right. If they are proven wrong, they will drop the story like it never happened. After all they think it was only the opposition who got hurt. The Covington student, Nick Sandman comes to mind. Nick is fighting back. Would you? Victims give up their power for security. Will you?

Common Core is consensus (value) not fact (truth) based, so where do kids learn facts? They don’t. Instead students are taught values of communists, progressives and extreme environmentalists. Opposition is allowed to be silenced because we allow it. Yet we are surprised that students grow up become legislators/bureaucrats and lie.

As bad as lying is, the acceptance of the lies is worse. Using lies, new policies are created and those who follow these new policies suffer the consequences. Policy made surrounding lies can not work. These types of policies are open ended so there will never be a satisfactory conclusion. Of course we will be told, if we just had more time or more money…blah blah blah. 

The Obama economy is a great example. Regulations shut companies down. Taxing the rich made them leave and park their money overseas. What was learned? NOTHING, for here we go again. Using the lie, the rich must pay their fair share does not take into account that rich people are not stupid. They eventually will seek out a tax haven. They will move while we are stuck paying for more failed socialist policies.

I never heard any host ask a socialist to explain how their program will actually work. They can’t because all they have are talking points, no plan. So why aren’t we asking? What are we afraid of?

I remember when I was teaching I called on a student for misbehaving because she did not know her homework answers. She told me I was prejudice (prejudice was used instead of racist at that time). She said because I called on her when I knew that she didn’t have the answer to the question and I did that on purpose because she was black. I said “No, I called on her because she lied and said she did her homework”.  I then said, “I guess you are right. I am prejudice, I hate liars. Now what does that have to do with your race?” Right now lies about racism are being used as the way to shut down opposition. I always ask for examples. Do you?      

Common Core Standards (CCS) outcome-based education takes away the individual’s ability to think as the responses are largely emotional. Stimulating only the emotional part of the brain eliminates the person’s ability to use logic, reason and cognitive thinking in problem solving. Therefore the person is forced to rely on choices provided by the government which we now know are lies. The government nudges the person into the acceptable response creating a society of bobbleheads only capable of saying, “yes master”. These “choices” become subliminal messages that the media uses to promote ideas and issues while eliciting desired responses from the people.

When we eliminate teaching history we eliminate the little stories that help to frame our adulthood. This was one of my favorites:

George Washington, at 6 years old got a new hatchet. He was playing in the garden and took the hatchet to his father’s cherry tree. The tree was killed. 

George,” said his father, “do you know who has killed my beautiful little cherry tree yonder in the garden? I would not have taken five guineas for it!”

This was a hard question to answer, and for a moment George was staggered by it, but quickly recovering himself he cried:

“I cannot tell a lie, father, you know I cannot tell a lie! I did cut it with my little hatchet.”

The anger died out of his father’s face, and taking the boy tenderly in his arms, he said:

“My son, that you should not be afraid to tell the truth is more to me than a thousand trees! Yes – though they were blossomed with silver and had leaves of the purest gold!” Read more of that story here.

Whether or not this story is true, it had a clear message which was the purpose of fables, classical literature and nursery rimes. Sadly today, to lie to make your point is more important than the truth. The stories of morality are hardly ever told. Instead our students learn porn and incest. Sex in grade school is now acceptable. Killing babies in or out of the womb is becoming normalized. Then we wonder why there is no public outcry about sex-trafficking.   

Globalists/Communists will stop at nothing to get MONEY, POWER CONTROL.  American children are on the menu. Will you serve your children to the communists?

Is America Worth Saving?

If we do not demand the truth and correct the lies, what are we saving? If We the People aka the Silent Majority, simply follow directions and do not talk about politics and religion, and are politically correct, we continue to perpetuate the lies. Will you stand up? Will you stop accepting lies? I will not comply. Will you?