Recently, LGBT activists (or the LGBT mafia, as I like to call them) successfully pressured Amazon into removing from their platform books by authors who once identified as gay or lesbian but now no longer do.

The Christian Post reports, “Following the removal of books by a Catholic psychologist amid LGBT activist pressure, Amazon has removed the works of other authors who once lived and identified as gay.”

According to the Christian Post, Amazon banned books by authors Joe Dallas (formerly a gay man) and Anne Paulk (formerly a lesbian woman) in response to a smear campaign by an LGBT activist. Dallas’ and Paulk’s books focused on helping men and women who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction to find hope.

A petition was started to reverse Amazon’s decision to censor views that don’t align with the LGBT activist agenda. The petition states:

Last week Amazon abruptly removed several books which represented alternative views on homosexuality. This included a variety of personal testimonies (autobiographies), religious texts, Reparative Therapy, psychological research, and addiction recovery resources. This is tantamount to religious discrimination and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

What is the logic behind seeking to ban these books? The argument from LGBT activists is that it’s harmful to suggest that same-sex attraction can change. So the suggestion that a man who identifies as gay has a brain of his own and can change his mind about being gay is “dangerous” according to LGBT activists.

In light of this news, Christian scholar Dr. Michael Brown asks the logical question, “Will Amazon ban the Bible next?”

Since the Bible condemns same-sex relationships and teaches that sinners, including homosexuals, can be transformed by the Gospel (e.g. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11), implying that even their same-sex attractions can change, it’s not difficult to imagine LGBT activists demanding it be banned next.

This is just the latest example of the LGBT mafia intimidating and bullying anyone who happens to think and be a little different from them. They are attempting to silence everyone who dares disapprove of homosexuality and proclaims that it’s possible for one’s desires to change.

Ironically, these Nazi book-banning tactics are hurting the very community that LGBT activists say they fight for. The LGBT mafia is basically demanding that everyone in the LGBT community must be and do what the LGBT mafia wants. Nobody is allowed to think for themselves. Nobody is allowed to question the rules.

LGBT activists are erasing the identities and experiences of countless former gays and lesbians. “Stay in the closet!” LGBT activists shout like the bigots they are.

We need to pay attention. It is naïve to think that the bullying, intimidation, and silencing of all criticism will stop here. If you do anything less than celebrate the LGBT movement with the utmost glee in your heart, enthusiastically bowing down to worship and kiss the feet of drag queens, the LGBT mafia will eventually try to shut you up. Believe it.