This uprising has been lurking to surface for a very long time. The seeds were sown in Ferguson during the Obama years, and the war on cops has fermented ever since. There are countless factors that continue to feed into the crisis. The first would be the misinformation that is in the news media. The narrative is that, ‘Trump is a Nazi. Republicans are Fascist.’ The cries of racism once again. But was it truly racism that caused the spark that day in Minneapolis? Think about this, HOW CAN YOU PROVIDE HOPE, IF THERE IS NO FEAR? Don’t answer that quite yet, listen to the broadcast, and you’ll have a real sense as to what is behind all of this!

In the guise of ‘peaceful protests’, once the sun goes down, you’re seeing the criminals taking full advantage of circumstances. In many cases, these are organized criminal groups. “They are not aggrieved protesters or simple criminals taking advantage, this group of people plot violence and chaos. These are the agent provocateurs that seek the ruination of all that we hold dear or seek to attain in our enlightenment. They are terrorists,” explains Lt. Joe Pangaro.

WHY? Respect is a taught value that is generationally absent. Our public school system is in shambles. The media has no sense of ethics or truth. They are 100% ideologically driven. Communications tools are being used to advance evil causes to harm others.

The Socialist Genie has been let out of the dark communist closet. The expectation that you work hard, and earn more, to position oneself on a path of prosperity has been replaced with free insurance, free education, free stimulus – take as much as you can wrap your mind around. From Government – and if government won’t provide it, or can’t, then perhaps the man that you strike out at for no reason, or the store window you shatter for no reason, or the store owner you beat up for no reason, or the cop car you burn for no reason. All for the expectation that you are entitled. 

Dr. James Mitchell explains, “We have close to 700,000 Police Officers. If we look at it on a bell shape curve, if you think that 2.5% could be bad apples, 17,000 bad apples in law enforcement, Police Departments are doing a pretty good job in keeping all of this in check.” 

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