So I woke up and wanted to Beyoncé today and then it hit me… she’s already taken. So, how about I Helene instead?

Really, the point I want to make is that it not only makes more sense to be myself, but it’s actually better…for me, that is.

The trouble with our celebrity-obsessed culture is that it teaches us that we, just as we are, are not enough.

And when I think I need to be anybody but me, I’m depriving the world of my essence, my very own brand of magic potion (the one we all doubt, but we all have). Sure, I can mimic a power, a strength or some badass dance moves, and it might take me to new levels… As long as I’m doing it to be more “me”, to set more of me free, and not to escape from who I really am.

I’m sure if you asked her, Beyoncé would tell you that she has ‘off days’, where she doesn’t have perfect hair and makeup, and doesn’t strut everywhere in those heels. But as media consumers, we don’t see enough of the reality.

We see instagram-perfect pics, and dream of singing to sold-out stadiums. We don’t see the pressure that comes with that. We don’t get the whole picture. We don’t know what it is to really ‘Beyoncé’.

This in turn leads us to feel that our ‘whole picture’ is messy, or somehow wrong. Being at war with reality by wanting to be something I’m not, or by refusing to embrace all the wonderful stuff I bring to the table… Well, I’m fighting a losing battle – because reality is what it is. No matter how much I try to Beyoncé!

When I ‘Helene’ – sure, sometimes I might strut about in mega heels (rarely by the way – those things are too uncomfortable to me) But mostly I just ‘am’, I mom, I shop for groceries, I work my ass off building a business and I wear gym clothes on days where I have no intention of making it to the gym. I’m a normal, whole, messy, wonderful human being.

And just like how no one but Beyoncé can Beyoncé, no one can Helene like me! I’m pretty sure Beyoncé wouldn’t have the first clue how to Helene either.

The struggle for many is knowing how to unleash our essence, cause we might not be in touch with what that actually is. And that’s ok. It’s almost a cultural condition these days. So investing some time and energy in finding out who we are… is well worth it. 

What do I like?
What don’t I like?

What do I do out of sheer duty or because I should?
And what are the things, people, and activities that bring me sheer, stomach-bubbling, giggling, laughing out-mothertrucking-loud joy in life?

Take the time to ask yourself what excites you. What makes you happy? Then examine what drains you; what makes you feel deeply sad or unworthy, or whom…

It is what it is, and by running from that or refusing acceptance, you are giving your precious essence away… and someone else is setting the agenda for your time, energy and love!

Learn how to ‘you’, and embrace it fiercely!

Helene Philipsen is a Life Transformation Specialist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She works with women worldwide who are passionate about nourishing their body, mind and soul - but struggling to find the right path. Helene’s expertise personally and professionally lies within life transformation, her core specialty being Freedom from Emotional Eating. Her educational background is in psychology, Recovery and Life Coaching. She has committed her life to helping others because she wants you to know, that living lovingly and confidently inside a healthy body – is possible for anyone