It’s time to cut to the chase on all this Ukraine garbage. First off, I don’t give a damn if President Trump held up releasing military aide to Ukraine, I really don’t care. I think we should carefully review all of the foreign aid that we give away to other countries and make sure we’re getting a fair return on our national investment.

Did Trump want Ukraine to investigate Biden and the Democrats? I’m pretty sure he did, and why not? After all, the Democrats and their allies in the news media have been attacking and investigating Donald Trump and his family long before he ever took office. Including using illegitimate and illegal surveillance methods.

President Trump had every reason to want to reveal Democrat, and in particular the Biden’s level of corruption, and to suspect that there perhaps was even more corruption that had not yet been uncovered.

And the bottom line is I don’t have a problem with it. Contrary to the baloney being spewed out by the ‘holier-than-thou Democrats’, withholding funds to Ukraine had no effect whatsoever on our national security. For the Democrats to continue to repeat that is an outright lie, something Democrats do with stunning regularity.

It also doesn’t threaten our Constitution. Considering the eight years of the Obama Administration the Democrats should know what threatening our Constitution actually does look like. 

Obama did it often and his party conveniently looked the other way. It obviously wasn’t a concern to them at that time.

What President Trump is doing is to reveal public corruption by career politicians and it scares them to death. 

Ask yourself this question – Why have people spent millions of dollars to get elected to and keep a job that pays $174,000 per year? Doesn’t appear to make very sound financial sense does it?

Sure, there are some know-it-alls out there who think they know what’s best for all of us better than we do, and they look for opportunities to force their way of doing things onto the rest of us. But the bottom line is that politicians know that the potential long term pay off for themselves and their families far exceeds their initial investment in getting elected. And they and their families stand to make many more millions once they get into office. 

The fact is that career politicians are the bane of this country. No one should be allowed to spend twenty, thirty, or even forty or more years in office!

President Trump’s re-election also means at least two Supreme Court nominations at a minimum, and the Democrats simply can’t allow that. Their base won’t stand for it, though personally I’m all for it. In order to achieve that I’m even willing to overlook some of the quirks and other things Trump does that drive me crazy.

The one big difference between President Trump and all the other politicians out there is that Trump isn’t in this for personal gain. He isn’t working hard on our behalf just to enrich and benefit himself. He’s trying to do what he thinks is right for the country. 

One can disagree with him on policy issues, that’s fair game. But one cannot argue with the fact that he’s doing what he thinks is best for America.

And uncovering the endemic corruption that plagues our politics is definitely in OUR national interest, which is why his enemies are fighting so hard to remove him.