Sometimes in life, people will try to trip you up.

They’ll take your words out of context.

They’ll challenge you at every opportunity – even if they have to *create* that opportunity.

They might troll you, bitch about you, delight in imagining you being brought down a peg or two.

On social media, they’ll consume your content with steam coming out of your ears, creating all kinds of stories in their head about how easy it’s been for you, how luxuriously simple your life is, how green your grass grows.

Why they spend so much of their energy trying to throw banana peels into your path is neither here, nor there.

The truth is, you may never know and it’s probably none of your business anyway.

For whatever reason, your perceived success and abundance – in any area of life – is rattling their cage and they’re not happy about it.

My advice to you, having been through this scenario so many times, is to not waste your energy pondering their why or trying to make them like you.

There’s an old saying that bright lights always attract bugs.

Generally speaking, it’s not your job to help them feel better.

It’s not your role to find out what kind of mirror you’re holding up to them and why they take issue with that.

It’s not your role to allow their mindset to knock you off course.

It’s your role to hold your focus.

To remember your passion.

To stick to your mission.

To keep going with what you know is right, what you were put here to do, regardless of someone else’s irritation.

Keep your own mindset clear, keep your energy clean and bright, keep going!

Aim to serve, to inspire, to motivate, to help where you can… but get really, super clear on what that looks like.

You cannot help the many if you allow the few baseless naysayers to constantly tug at your sleeve, sap your energy, and pull your focus. You cannot save them all and you cannot make everyone love you and agree with you.

Please, beware of the red herring. You’re worth more than that. The snakes will always do their thing… your focus needs to be on the ladders.

As we move towards the end of a crazy year, full of shifting sands, infighting, conflicting advice, illnesses, and worse, I want to remind you all to keep the faith and keep growing.

Yes, 2020 has been one helluva year – keep shining anyway – let bugs do what bugs do, and don’t let anyone dull your glow.

See you all in 2021!