This is the first time since Gallup started asking the question eighteen years ago that less than a majority of people – just 47 percent – described themselves as extremely proud to be American. So let me ask you⏤are you patriotic?

Editor-in-chief of Gallup, Frank Newport explains that “it’s no secret America is highly polarized. We see that in most of the different questions that we ask here at Gallup and that other pollsters ask. And there is a yawning and widening, yawning gap between Republicans and Democrats. And that’s a real key. Now, to be sure, Republicans have always been more likely to say they’re extremely proud to be an American than Democrats. That’s kind of baked into the cake, so to speak. But this year, we have 74 percent of Republicans who say they’re extremely proud to be an American and only 32 percent of Democrats, which is by far the lowest we’ve seen among Democrats.”

We’ve seen this divide growing wider and wider throughout this past decade. Who can forget the controversy behind the kneeling at football games⏤which quickly spread to other venues. And then there was the ‘War on Cops’ which germinated from a false narrative of ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ in Ferguson. The war on cops continues to violate the profession in ways we never thought possible. We will take a closer look at the Left’s war against law enforcement and veterans…

Dr Ron Martinelli, is a retired police detective, a forensic criminologist, and a national voice known as the “expert’s expert.” The Panel of Voices for this episode: Susan Price is an Investigative Researcher, a Patriot a Veteran Advocate and Gold Star Mother. Bob McCarthy is a disabled Cold War Marine, Political (GOP) Activist, Founding member of “Code Of Vets”.

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