The American Dream is the last bastion of hope that has led millions of immigrant souls to come to our shores. 

They left their home countries with but a bag of clothes and a pocket full of change. 

They left dictatorships, that had stripped away their freedoms: economically, religiously, and culturally. Millions were slaughtered by these tyrannical hands.

This was truly a modern day ‘Exodus of Biblical’ proportions to escape a horrible nightmare.

They assimilated, learned English and worked to build a successful life for themselves and their families. These pioneers built up America from the inside out. The great entrepreneurs built cities, roads and infrastructure that has connected an entire nation. You earned, you saved and you educated your children; so that they could achieve an even better life than they had for themselves. 

The question is: What will greet the new immigrants who come to America today?

Leftist Socialists want America to become the very thing that immigrants escaped from. 

Socialism wishes for the government to take total control over the individual. Tax every dollar so that people who are already struggling end up with nothing.

There will no longer be any incentive to take risk and build a business whether you’re a plumber, baker or candlestick maker.

Christians and Jews are under attack, and religious institutions that don’t fall in line with a socialist driven agenda are being ridiculed and persecuted for their faith. Eerily reminiscent of nazism.

Educating the young, the heart of our future, has become indoctrination from kindergarten to the campuses of higher education. This is a powerful manipulation designed to influence and corrupt young impressionable minds.

Even the sanctity of an unborn human life is now legally lost, threatened by those spewing a progressive agenda. No greater oxymoron exists in American English. Repressive and regressive is much more accurate.

All that is good is slowly being poisoned by a toxic, deadly potion known as Democratic Socialism. 

So what does the immigrant gain by coming to our shores?

Over time they get exactly what they left behind!

God Help America! Love …RayRay and a Poem.

No More White Picket Fences

I could swear it was real
There was sweat on my brow
It jolted me out of my sleep
We’ve lost it somehow

A troubling nightmare
No more American flags
Statues all lifted
Right down to their pads

Walmart was shuttered
So were the Malls
People all wearing
Head coverings and shawls

No more white picket fences
Can’t smell baked apple pies
No more churches with steeples
With people inside

Banks with some names
I could not recognize
Globalist something
Are we even surprised?

Clinics and Doctors
Advertising with Pride
Arrow pointing shingles
This way to infanticide

The Best of America
Had been hung out to dry
Nothing is left
But the salt track
of a tear from my eye

Written by RayRay 1/30/19©️