Over the past several weeks, Leftist crybullies have been putting pressure on social media platforms to punish conservatives for making jokes and having too much fun. While it’s not unusual for the Left to hate fun and try to shut down opinions they don’t like, two recent examples are noteworthy.

First, a video of Nancy Pelosi slurring her speech went viral on Facebook. The video was manipulated to make it appear like she was “drunk,” and apparently a bunch of people thought it was entertaining.

Whether or not you thought the particular video was funny, photoshopping pictures and editing video for the purpose of making fun of people—especially politicians—is pretty standard practice for Internet users. Anyone who has spent longer than five seconds on discussion forums or social media knows this.

Democrats, however, are not normal people but are vengeful psychopaths. They exploded in outrage about this viral video. Hillary Clinton slammed the video as “sexist trash” and criticized Facebook for not removing it.

Other Leftists piled on to complain about how terrible it is that Facebook refused to take down the video, like it’s somehow Facebook’s fault that people find “Drunk Pelosi” memes entertaining.

In response to the backlash, Facebook eventually did agree to “down rank” the video to limit its spread, but, of course, this did not satisfy the crybullies. In fact, the people at the Leftist rag, The Daily Beast, went on an investigation to locate the random Facebook user who made the video so they could punish him by doxxing him.

Let’s consider how utterly insane this is for a minute. A random guy made a stupid video that went viral and, instead of being rational people who understand that normal people on the Internet like to make fun of politicians, the Left literally sought to destroy the meme-maker by publishing his identity and embarrassing details about his life.

This is what Leftist crybullies do. They cry and complain to their mommies at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube because everyone else isn’t as miserable as them. They shriek about “hate speech” and accuse everyone who isn’t on the Left of being abusive bigots in an attempt to shut them down. Perhaps nothing illustrates this more than another recent example of Leftist crybullying: Vox’s Carlos Maza got conservative comedian Steven Crowder demonetized on YouTube.

For the past week, Carlos Maza has been crying on Twitter because conservative comedian Steven Crowder said mean things about him. Maza makes videos on YouTube promoting Leftist ideology, and Steven Crowder makes videos refuting Maza’s videos with facts and humor. Rather than respond to the substance of Crowder’s arguments like an adult, Maza accused Crowder of “harassment.”

What’s ironic about Maza’s accusation is that Maza literally encouraged his followers to go and falsely report Crowder’s videos to YouTube to try to get him banned. Sending your fans to try to shut down somebody’s YouTube channel, through which they make their living, is literally a form of online harassment!

Unfortunately, even though YouTube admitted that Crowder did not violate their terms of service, YouTube caved to the pressure and demonetized Crowder’s channel, along with a bunch of other people’s channels. But even this wasn’t enough for Maza, who is still crying on Twitter that Crowder wasn’t banned. How long will it be before YouTube caves again?

Again, this is what Leftist crybullies do. They can’t debate ideas. All they can do is run to mommy in an effort to try to shut down those they disagree with. Unfortunately, it seems that Big Tech is all too willing to coddle these little snowflakes and punish anyone who dares to go against the grain of Leftism.  Video Image: AP