Leaving Americans For Dead Is Un-American

There are many questions unanswered that beg for truth – yet we in all probability know what we know. There is a long-lasting tradition with America’s finest ‘leave no man behind’ and I’ll add to that ‘no matter what’. The power in those words have endured many many chapters in American history and have provided strength to men on the battlefield in countless moments of uncertainty. Those same words have provided comfort to families and loved ones knowing that their heroes had always a fighting chance.

When I agreed to do this show with a military panel of decorated heroes the one question that tormented my rationale is – What will the lasting legacy of Benghazi really be? We know now that the U.S. Government did not send help to rescue the men trapped in Benghazi – with less than adequate security in a hostile land – the surroundings quickly turned toxic – which led to the deaths of four brave Americans. We’ve traced the timeline back and forth again and again – and the looming question on many minds…


It’s about impossible to utter the word Benghazi without conjuring up imagery of burning buildings, lying politicians, and flag-draped caskets. This conversation has been butchered by democrats and republicans alike. Somewhere in all of this lies the truth, or is it a truth that lies. You be the judge.

Dan O’Shea is a highly decorated Navy SEAL and Founder and President of Daniel Risk Mitigation. Co-produced Discovery Channel’s Kidnap & Rescue series about the global kidnaping industry and serves as a military & counter-terrorism analyst for CNN, MSNBC and the BBC.

Brian Gould served in the U.S Army and U.S. Special Forces for over two decades. He now works with the Department of Defense and is the CEO of Applied Solutions Consulting.

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