Cities and counties have an obligation and a responsibility to the public to know and understand inside and out the laws and tax implications of the cannabis business. Our guest in the spotlight David McPherson from HDL Companies a cannabis compliance director is here to break it down for us. Speaking all over the country to local officials to create departments and oversight on the taxation and implemental to keep its citizens safe while profiting from the enormous streams of revenue expected.

David had a career in law enforcement and has been on the other side of the cannabis debate as the arresting officer. We in California, particularly in Los Angeles, are gearing up for the green rush like never before. Seeing how there will be many new careers opportunities surrounding the business of Cannabis, listen to how the perception in law enforcement is changing even though it is still a schedule 1 drug with the Federal government. Get the real understanding of how your city / county sets up requirements in its partnering with the billion dollar cannabis industry.

Cannabis Compliance Director David McPherson, who is one of the state’s most recognized experts in cannabis horticulture, processing and dispensary operations. He uses his experience dealing with the industry to assist local and state agencies in developing cannabis policies for regulation, compliance, auditing and economic development. David’s unique experience as a law enforcement officer, compliance auditor, and tax administrator has provided him a wealth of experience to lead the HdL Cannabis Management Program—his sole focus at HdL. David has been helping local agencies navigate the industry and has participated in over 40 panels and discussion over the last few years.

For Further Insight:

L.A. MIRACLE CURE speaks with many of the various stakeholders, leaders and lawmakers  that are crafting the new face of cannabis in Los Angeles and around the country. L.A. Miracle Cure has allowed me to place you in the minds of many wonderful personalities, whose stories reflect the times we are now living in. Hear about the revolutionary relationships with cultivators, law agencies, business owner/operators, community activists, and patients who all will play a key role in the ever changing roll out in Los Angeles, bringing new careers and investment opportunites to the city of Angels.