Can you imagine, being permanently banned from Twitter (while amassing over 400,000 followers), Uber, Lyft, and as a Conservative Investigative Journalist, having her credentials pulled at the Annual CPAC Convention, minutes before listening to President Trump?

She’s been arrested several times, for petty claims of trespassing, disturbing the peace and disturbing a play in Central Park, NYC to protest a “Julius Caesar” depiction, of a President Trump look alike, being assassinated. She’s been stripped of her senior year at Barry University in Miami, FL, just months before being honored by the school, with a degree, and Valedictorian of her class, for exposing hypocrisy of parallel political causes on campus.

Laura Loomer, while only age 25, and armed with a very unique in your face style of “Guerrilla” Journalism–has thrust herself onto the American Political landscape, which 99.99% of us would most likely shy away from. She’s outspoken about anti-semitism, and unafraid to call out several freshmen Congresswomen, who have spewed hate and instigated racism and violence against Jews and Israel. She’s been labeled by the Left as a Religious “Zealot”, yet adored and perhaps misunderstood, by the Conservative Right, as a Free Speech, Country loving American Patriot. It’s time to get to the Out Loud Truth as Host Ray Brookstein talks to Laura Loomer on what happens next….?

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