THE LAS VEGAS MASSACRE REVEALS THE BEST OF AMERICAN BRAVERY. Show Host Lt. Randy Sutton devotes his “View From the Blue” to the men and women of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and those whose courage and compassion saved so many lives. Not only did Las Vegas First Responders exemplify professionalism and dedication but many off duty police and fire personnel also risked their own lives rescuing others.
And in the “Interview Room”  the compelling story of one cops journey through the hell of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dustin Riechert was a Law Enforcement Officer in a small community when he was involved in a fatal shooting. He also was criticality injured with a gunshot wound. But it was the psychological injury brought about by not just the bullet but his own department’s indifference that ended his career. His new book reveals his he’ll and his triumph. Don’t miss this compelling episode.
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