Have you ever thought about the laws in your city or state as they pertain to the process of acquiring medical Cannabis? As a parent, have you considered how other parents are treating their children, who have various ailments such as chronic pain, crippling arthritis, lupus, seizures, epilepsy, cancer? Do you have certain questions on who is the patient and what is happening with the owner/operators in this booming new industry? What about those of you searching for the newest information on financial investment opportunities in Cannabis that is available right now in Los Angeles? You are all in for a treat served in real time as the laws are being made for California right now….information from the lawmakers, themselves, as we unravel the business of cannabis LA STYLE. Meet Mr. Virgil Grant, a South Los Angeles, cannabis dispensary owner/ operator who has emerged as the de facto leader of this campaign. At 49 years of age, Virgil Grant has reaped the rewards and suffered the consequences of working as a leader in the Cannabis industry and has survived the police raids, outlaws and now is moving and krafting this industry to the arena of the legitimate business model that could make billions as California goes legal for medical and recreational in January 2018. Join us as we bring to you the facts and the players in the legalization of medical and recreational Cannabis in California hosted by Ms Barbara McGee.

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Many voters in 29 states have legalized medical Cannabis across the nation. It is still illegal as a schedule 1 drug in the eyes of the federal government, but in the state of California, many have worked hard to produce ordinances and city measures to decriminalize the business of recreational / medical Cannabis. These new guaranteed laws open a new industry available to cultivate, purchase, manufacture and use within the city of Los Angeles and the state of California. LA City Council members, stakeholders, law enforcement, civic organizations all are working in tandem to make this great city safe for all and including those in business that is slated to bring in over 5 billion dollars in the next 2 years.

Virgil Grant, III co-founded the California Minority Alliance, a leading civic engagement organization, to guide minority equitable interests throughout the cannabis space with education, economic opportunity and strong results-oriented advocacy work. Grant, has also unified the entire southern California cannabis community as co-founder and President of the Southern California Coalition (SCC), the region’s largest most inclusive cannabis industry trade organization. On March 7th, 2017, Grant’s organizations united the City of Los Angeles’ government, communities and cannabis stakeholders together, ushering the landslide passage of LA City Proposition M, which sets new precedents for the world’s largest cannabis market with responsible guidelines, regulations and licensing. Civic municipalities like Los Angeles, have entrusted to Virgil, guidance in drafting their ordinance and regulations with his wide-ranging expert insight and knowledge of the industry.

My cohost for this episode is the talented Katerina Cozias. Katerina is an international live events emcee and digital media on-air personality. Her hosting background is complemented by many years of bus…