When you compare and contrast the similarities in what took place in Venezuela to what is transpiring here in the United States, it should be a wake-up call and warning that the beacon of liberty is at risk. Debbie D’Souza was born in Venezuela and moved to America as a young girl. What she has witnessed through her family and her own eyes is incredibly alarming. We will discuss Debbie’s move to the United States, her love and passion for liberty, and in greater detail⏤the perfect recipe for socialism that is brewing right here in the USA.

When polls show that Democratic voters view socialism in a more favorable light than capitalism, then we have some serious soul searching. The questions we need to be asking are; how real is the danger that America is turning socialist? Will Americans still see the beacon of liberty shine at our 250-year mark?

Debbie D’Souza, Venezuelan American conservative activist, columnist, filmmaker, producer of the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast.

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