After President Trump cancelled the Summit, Kim Jong-un released a statement, “We tell the United States once more that we are open to resolving problems at any time in any way.” Fast forward to Saturday morning when South Korean President Moon Jae-in met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a surprise meeting aimed at keeping inter-Korean relations, and to get the summit back on track between Kim and Trump. With all the accomplishments thus far with North Korea; media coverage has been anything but positive. Is the media even interested in world peace? We will breakdown all the developments with Ilana Freedman, Col Jim Waurishuk and Jim McCay.

In recent days President Trump has issued a number of tweets accusing the FBI of planting and paying a “spy” in his campaign – which he on Wednesday termed “SPYGATE” and later decried as “illegal” and “one of the biggest political scandals in U.S. history.” President Trump is calling the Mueller investigation tainted because there was embedded spies in his campaign… outrageous, illegal, ridiculous? How is this all connected? Is it all being dragged out to influence the 2018 mid-term elections? Who will benefit the most Democrats or Republicans? Col Jim Waurishuk has the latest and will explore these investigations and what happens next.

Two people are in critical condition and the shooter is in custody after a shooting at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana. This incident had a different outcome however, and that is due to Jason Seaman, a seventh-grade science teacher at Noblesville West Middle School. Seaman was shot several times after he confronted the gunman. This time two people were seriously injured and there were no deaths; a positive outcome for a situation that could have turned our far differently. Yet the media devoted no time to it, was it because it wasn’t sensational enough? Not enough people killed? Also the latest on Immigration, Gangs and California, and is Trump Transparency the answer when dealing with these Global Trade Agreements? Dr Ron MartinelliAva Armstrong and Dennis Santiago are here to discuss in our roundtable panel.

MAY 27th 10AM EST

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