The travesty that the Kavanaugh hearings have become is a disgusting exhibition of power politics from the men and women who are supposed to be the leaders of our country. Americans should be outraged. From the first interruptions by senior legislators a mere 7 seconds after the opening of the U.S. Judiciary Committee session, and the raucous demonstrations from the visitors’ gallery, to the tawdry accusations coming from women that Judge Kavanaugh is accused of attacking when he was in high school, all reflect the corruption that is rife throughout our government. On its face, it represents the worse kind of dirty politics and bodes ill for the future of our democratic republic if it does not stop.

In today’s world of American politics, the accusation that Congressman Keith Ellison, Democrat from Minnesota, physically abused his former girlfriend last year goes largely unnoticed by the political left. But the alleged sexual abuse by Judge Kavanaugh 36 years ago, when he was a teenager, makes national headlines and stands to ruin the career of an outstanding jurist. 

The loud voices on the left have cast ugly aspersions on a man whose reputation has been exemplary throughout his professional and personal life. Yet the abusive statements made by leading Democrat legislators, who have appointed themselves judge and jury and have found him guilty before testimony even begins, have battered his reputation and subjected him to the most damning accusations. Their audacity and misguided sense of self-righteous purpose has been matched only by the sheer viciousness of their attacks. 

The unbridled attack on Judge Kavanaugh and the potential destruction of his reputation and his career have yet to fully play out in full view of the nation, while Ellison’s alleged abuse will continue to be buried. As Kavanaugh faces a growing chorus of nasty accusations, the slugs and bottom feeders are now crawling out of the woodwork to pile on more and increasingly ugly allegations. 

The contrast between the treatment of accusers and accused on the right and the left in similar scenarios is symptomatic of a much larger problem facing America today. The left commands the media, and is willing to destroy the lives of its conservative victims with abandon, while the voices on the right are muffled and largely lost in the chaos  … and this brings me to the point:

This is not about Judge Brett Kavanaugh, although it is possible it could ruin his career. It is about President Donald J. Trump.

So deep is the resentment and feral hatred for the President by the left that every opportunity to destroy him is considered fair play for the players on the left. Politicians, super-wealthy Hollywood icons, left-wing billionaires, and the mainstream media have all been grinding their axes at the national microphones and Twitter feeds in order to “do whatever we can” to hurt and destroy this President and his appointee, and bring down this duly elected President.  

Judge Kavanaugh is today’s target, but he is only the incidental victim in a much larger and more sinister strategy, designed by party leaders and supported by a radical following on their reprehensible mission. If the left is allowed to succeed in its efforts to undermine and sink this Presidency, it will set a precedent that, if left unchecked, will undermine the very foundation that made our nation great and a leader among nations for over two hundred and forty years.

Understanding the Trump Presidency

President Trump has broken the mold of Presidential behavior. Using Twitter like a weapon, he has often been rude, coarse, aggressive, and sometimes foolish. He has even jeopardized the primary mission of his Presidency by undercutting his efforts to keep his campaign promises to the people. All that notwithstanding, his Presidency has also been highly under-rated, under-reported, and under-valued. 

Donald Trump is a force to be reckoned with and, despite his addiction to Twitter, he has accomplished more in his short time in the White House than any other President in this country’s history. The programs that have moved our country forward over the last twenty months include a rapidly growing manufacturing industry, more jobs, higher wages, and record earnings growth for job-creating industry.

Just consider his accomplishments in the first twenty months since he entered the Oval Office: 

  • He put North Korea on a path to peace without nuclear weapons, and created a realistic hope for finally putting an end to the North’s endless war with South Korea. In the process, he succeeded in freeing American hostages imprisoned in North Korea, and repatriating the remains of some of our missing American soldiers from the Korean War. 
  • He made a new treaty with Mexico that promises to be fair to both countries, and he is on the way to a similar treaty with Canada, while he continues to negotiate his way through a difficult tariff war to a fair trade treaty with China.
  • He took on the Middle East crises with a new sense of purpose and courageous new ideas. He recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv, something every President since Bill Clinton has promised to do but lacked the courage to make happen (despite a law from Congress mandating it). And he has redefined the players in the conflict and identified the terrorists, something his predecessors refused to do. 
  • By offering tax relief to companies with large assets overseas, he has enabled the repatriation of billions of dollars for reinvestment in America, resulting in new investments, new construction, and new jobs. In the first quarter of 2018 alone, as a direct result of his Tax Relief and Jobs Act, in which American companies are no longer taxed on foreign earnings when bringing funds back to the U.S. More than $300 billion has come back into the country as a result of this initiative (according to the latest data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis).
  • His tax relief initiative for American companies at home has added more than 1,074,000 jobs to the economy since he took office, according to Fortune magazine. These have been full-time, career-building jobs that have changed millions of lives. 
  • Unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women are at historic lows.
  • The optimism created by his energy and his promises has energized the stock market, raising the Dow Jones average more than 8,000 points, from 18,589 on election day 2016 to 26,743 on September 21, 2018, a growth of more than 30%.
  • While Russia’s GDP slowed to 1%, America’s GDP has more than doubled from barely 2%, what Obama called the ‘new normal in 2010’, to 4.2% in September 2018.

The tailwinds that developed from Trump’s international and economic programs have helped to carry American optimism forward in a historic renewal. The mood of America is now characterized by optimism. Americans are working again, they are going back to the malls, they are shopping, and they are hopeful.

Trump is on track to keep his promises to the American people, in spite of the Democrats. And the American economy is in an historic revival, one that the Democrats want to destroy.

Killing the Goose that laid the Golden Egg

The Kavanagh hearings have brought the worst in America’s political warfare into the open. The Democrats have determined to do “whatever is necessary” and have pulled out all the stops to bring down this President. With mid-term elections just around the corner, their timing could not be better. Some forecasts now show the Democrats with 12-14 point leads, largely due to the last minute campaign to savage Judge Kavanaugh with charges of sexual misconduct when he was a teenager. In the era of #me-too, although there is no evidence or forensics to prove the charges, and it represents a classic he said/she said argument, such a charge against Judge Kavanaugh will be difficult to overcome. Public opinion is a powerful force. And a popular judgment of guilt, however spurious, will paint the Republican Party and the President with a broad brush of corruption. 

At the same time, another poll has indicated that the President’s popularity has grown since the beginning of the hearings, from 48% to 53%. At best, these polls are poor indicators of the real political will of the people. 

The good news is that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a man of great personal strength of character. In a letter he wrote to Committee Chair Chuck Grassley and Ranking Member Diane Feinstein, he said:

“As I told the Committee during my hearing, a federal judge must be independent, not swayed by public or political pressure. That is the kind of judge I will always be. I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process. The coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out. The vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. The last-minute character assassination will not succeed. 

“I have devoted my career to serving the public and the cause of justice, and particularly to promoting the equality and dignity of women. Women from every phase of my life have come forward to attest to my character. I am grateful to them. I owe it to them, and to my family, to defend my integrity and my name. I look forward to answering questions from the Senate on Thursday.” 

That is the kind of judge we need on the Supreme Court.

Killing the Goose May Also Kill the Country

Since their failure to elect Hillary Clinton to the Presidency in November 2016, the Democrats have been systematically and ceaselessly working to destroy the duly elected President and the very programs that have created wealth throughout our economy. Should they succeed, the consequences are likely to be catastrophic.

  • The stock market will begin to crumble, and maybe crash.
  • Job growth will be pulled back as large corporations lose their stock market support;
  • Lost jobs will result in less buying and loss of hope, leading to the failure of the small companies who require their patronage.
  • Democrats promise to raise taxes, which will create more hardship for low income families, and add financial burdens for job-producing companies.
  • America’s new-found strength in international affairs will begin to falter and promises to foreign allies will be retracted.
  • Immigration reform will not happen and the growth of sanctuary cities and an uncontrolled flood of illegal immigrants will swamp our social services, drain our treasury with ever-growing payouts, and lead to a surge in crime.
  • Political disagreements will move to the streets as citizens take up arms against each other; we have already seen this in Berkley, Charlottesville, Ferguson, and Baltimore. 

What is happening in Washington today should never, ever happen in America. Senator Diane Feinstein has orchestrated a program of character destruction and trial by smear. The terms that Professor Ford demands and Feinstein applauds, are characteristic of a kangaroo court – where the defendant (Judge Kavanaugh) would have to testify before he has even heard the testimony of his accuser or would not be allowed in the room when she testifies; and where his own lawyer would not be allowed to examine her. In no way is that consistent with Constitutional law or the American tradition. And credit is due to Chairman Grassley and the conservative members of the committee for refusing to agree to the terms.

The Democrat party has become unhinged, and has turned the democratic process upside down. It is high time for America to turn its back on this obscene version of power politics and stop what has become political warfare at its worst. We cannot continue indefinitely to withstand the onslaught of power politics based on the absolute destruction of the loser. 

It is time for a vote of the Judiciary Committee and, hopefully, a confirmation for Judge Kavanaugh, so that he can assume his role as Justice Kavanaugh on October 1, 2018. It is also time to speak out and demand American justice for all, on both sides of the political spectrum, on all sides of political opinion. And it is time to return this country to the rule of law, where we are innocent until proven guilty, where we have the right to face our accuser, the right to speedy trial, and the right to due process. 

America needs to return to being the Republic it was intended to be, where the Constitution remains the final word on the law of the land.