Sitting in a jail cell at the United States Disciplinary Barracks located in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas is former Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance. Prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned by the Obama Administration for killing the enemy on the battlefield. A travesty of justice that has yet to be corrected by President Donald J. Trump.

And now we have the Army’s planned prosecution of former Army Green Beret Major Matt Golsteyn. Once decorated by the Army with the Silver Star, a highly coveted military medal, America’s third highest award for heroism in battle. And a justly earned award that has since been rescinded by the Army because of political correctness. Major Golsteyn is now facing military prosecution just like 1st. Lt. Lorance did, and once again for killing the enemy.

I won’t go into detail here on the charges against both officers, information on their cases are publicly available. Suffice it to say that any reasonable observer not under the influence of Barack Obama will agree that both of these officers honorably performed their duty as a member of the U.S. Army. What needs to be discussed though is the incalculable damage that was done to our military over the eight years of the Obama Administration. Hand in hand with the damage done by a generally anti-military U.S. news media.

Clearly no one wants to see another My Lai massacre like that which occurred during the Vietnam War. A horrible atrocity that was committed against innocent South Vietnamese civilians by U.S. soldiers. And which also needs to be recognized, an atrocity that was also brought to an end by the courageous actions of members of that same U.S. Army.

The My Lai massacre ultimately resulted in the prosecution and conviction of 2nd Lt. William Calley, the commander of the unit involved. There’s a legitimate argument that Lieutenant Calley was not the only one who should have been prosecuted, but that’s become an argument reserved for historical discussions about the Vietnam War, and the My Lai incident in particular.

My Lai certainly factors into why the military now has ‘supposedly’ clearly established rules of engagement which were created to provide guidance to our military during times of military conflict.

Former Congressman Allen West knows full well what can happen when an Army officer runs afoul of the Army’s rules of engagement, or in his case in dealing with enemy prisoners. Once a rising star in the Army and likely destined for higher command, including possibly even wearing a general’s star on his collar, then Lieutenant Colonel West was in command of a battalion during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The responsibility of any military officer is to complete the mission, and most importantly to protect the lives of those under his command while doing so. West found himself confronted with an uncooperative Iraqi prisoner with important information that was being detained by his unit. Turn up the pressure and get results, or allow his men to continue to die. West chose to protect his troops. Though it was a choice that would ultimately result in him being disciplined, and it would cost him his military career.

The CIA psychologist Dr. James Mitchell helped design and oversee the Agency’s ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ (EIT) program. Contrary to the Democrat’s and the Obama Administration’s assertions which described the EIT’s as “torture”, and according to them provided no useful intelligence, the use of EIT’s indeed proved successful ultimately leading to the location of Osama bin Laden. Mitchell and those Agency professionals involved in this program found themselves threatened with prosecution by the Eric Holder Justice Department. Fortunately it was a threat that ultimately wasn’t carried out, but was certainly disconcerting to those who were under scrutiny nonetheless.

Had it been up to me I’d have been quite happy with squeezing the prisoner’s testicles in a vice for any useful information that could be obtained, then putting one right between their ‘headlights’ and feeding what’s left of them to the sharks. But that’s just me musing.

The ongoing character assaults championed by the Obama Administration against those who serve America must stop! As a nation we need to be thankful for the one percent who choose to devote their lives to protecting our country. Our leadership needs to provide them with unambiguous rules of engagement to conduct military operations under, while also recognizing that the reality on the battlefield isn’t as clear, nor as black and white as things look sitting in a Judge Advocate Generals Office in the Pentagon. Sometimes the rule book needs to be tossed out the window to save American lives. We can still prevent another My Lai while giving our soldiers the flexibility they need when engaged in combat and fighting for their lives.

And President Trump needs to bring an end to the persecution of dedicated and heroic members of our military by the Obama holdovers still infecting our military. We need more war-fighters like Clint Lorance, Matt Golsteyn, and Allen West to continue to protect the United States of America in a very dangerous world. And we need to support them while they do a very tough job.

In a nation where roughly only one percent choose to serve in the armed forces, America can’t afford to do less.