Parenting is hard, especially when you have to do parenting after divorce. For more than twenty-five years, my guest today a distinguished psychologist Dr Donald Gordon through The Center for Divorce Education has been dedicated to helping parents and children deal with the difficult process of divorce and separation.

I have heard many parents saying “kids don't come with a manual, well as an affiliate I am excited to say thank you to Dr Gordon and his associates because we now have evidence based programs that can help parents raise today's children and teenagers with ease.

The children in between program for divorcing, divorced and separating parents is based on extensive research, and was developed using highly effective methods for reducing the stress of divorce and separation for all parties. The interactive, skills-based approach has been recognized by experts among the top programs being offered today. This highly interactive evidence based parenting wisely online programs are designed by family and social scientists to equip parents with the tools necessary to engage their children in difficult family scenarios. Parents will learn constructive skills proven to lessen drug and alcohol abuse in youth, school and homework problems, delinquency and other problem behaviors, family conflict, and more.

Dr Donald Gordon talks about the main reasons why parenting is difficult today, how the programs help parent with topics such as:

money problems, quizzing the children about the other parent
long distance parenting
never married parents
putting down the other parent
respectful communication

And many more topics that are sure to help ease parenting mayhem.

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