During the age of Facebook and the other social media platforms we have seen the rise of what are often referred to as “Keyboard Commandos”. Often well-meaning people who use their computer as a way of venting their ire or their support for a topic or subject they happen to either disagree with, or are in support of. We’ve all likely done it at one time or another, I know I have on a regular basis. Like right now for instance.

It’s easy to cut loose on Facebook and let others hear what you’re thinking about at any moment in time. Usually your comments are directed towards like-minded individuals and ‘friends’ who share your views on a variety of issues. Unfortunately we have reached a point in our nation’s history when ‘Keyboard Commandos’ simply aren’t going to be enough to defeat the threats that are facing our nation.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is determined to ram through the Democrats ‘vote-by-mail’ scheme in order to commit massive voter fraud in November and defeat President Trump. 

As well as to try to retain control of the House of Representatives and take control of the U.S. Senate. We cannot simply stand by and allow this to happen. Pelosi and her Democrat Party and news media co-conspirators are so confident that no one will stand in their way to prevent them from carrying out their plans, that Pelosi smugly stands before the television cameras during press briefings and proudly declares what she intends to do. She’s proud of the fact that she supports voter fraud as a legitimate political tool.

It’s not enough that the Democrats and their willing allies in the news media have been involved for over three years now in an ongoing and ‘so far’ bloodless coup d’etat against President Trump. And they are determined come hell or high water to achieve their goal of overturning the will of the American people, which was spoken so loudly in November of 2016.

If Nancy Pelosi needs some civil unrest to help her achieve a political advantage or goal all she has to do is to pick up the phone and call Barack Obama. He’ll be more than happy to get his most trusted advisor Valerie Jarrett working on the problem. Calls from his OFA (Organizing for America) outfit will soon be out to all the local ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter branches and they’ll have protestors out in force wherever needed in a matter of hours.

Well the time is long past for the corrupt career politicians in Washington to understand that the American people have had enough. The time is long past for ‘Keyboard Commandos’ to limit their venting to just the Internet. 

It’s time for real Americans to take the streets back from the Democrat Party thugs, and to hold Pelosi and the rest of the corrupt politicians in Washington and in state houses across the country to account.

Am I calling for violence and anarchy? Absolutely not. We’re law abiding citizens, unlike the allies of the Democrats. And we certainly don’t need Nazi or Confederate flags, or any other “symbols of real or imagined hate” in our ranks.

Even the carrying of ‘scary’ looking firearms ought to be carefully considered. They will always be portrayed by the Democrats and their allies in the news media as attempts to scare and intimidate. And the visuals can be used to discourage or scare off many ‘middle-of-the-road’ people who might actually be supporters and allies to the cause you’re pursuing.

Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues don’t believe the American people will stand up to them.  They believe that we’ll all just vent our anger on Facebook, but will ultimately just accept whatever they do. Including disqualifying our vote and stealing the November elections.

It’s time to step away from the keyboard and out into the streets⏤to show Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats that we’re more than just ‘Keyboard Commandos’.