If the people who think they are running government cannot or will not satisfy the restive American base out here who support Donald Trump, and expect justice, they might have a bigger problem on their hands than they imagine. Americans want justice and we don’t see it! From the goof ball Adam Schiff’s two week public sham spectacle of a hearing with witnesses nobody believes, to Pelosi’s dithering on whether her impeachment BS will actually go forward to the Senate. That’s becoming a slimmer bet by the day as their narrative unravels.  

Clues are already emerging that the DoJ’s IG Report may turn out to be a whitewash of the motives of the “elite” leaders of the FBI, DoJ, CIA, DNI, & State Dept. who concocted this miserable assault against the legitimacy of Trump’s 2016 election via the now fully discredited FISA process. It’s imperative that they save the Deep State and it’s operative elites, those who actively sought to overthrow our President, from prison. Their reputations are already shot but they want us to believe that public trials and convictions would ruin the peoples trust in government for decades. It’s already ruined. People’s trust in the Federal government died in  November 2016. The ‘elites’ simply didn’t get the message! Americans want justice.

The first clue that we won’t see justice came when the DoJ announced the publication date of its long anticipated report. It’s 9 Dec. if you missed it. That tells me the word is out, or the fix is in, and everyone named in it has a copy to “correct” and will have an opportunity to reset their comments, lawyer up or flee, whichever seems the most appropriate at the moment. Don’t look for Brennan, Comey or McCabe to face justice, just yet! We can expect the hapless lovers Strzok and Page to be the first thrown over board. But, that will not satisfy! 

The second clue is how the Leftist main stream media is already playing this, starting with the New York Times followed quickly by the Washington Post, by downplaying the yet unreleased report and providing excuses to cover its participants. I’ll bet they already have a copy.

The Democrats keep changing the titles of their charges against the president from Trump being a Russian agent, to colluding with the Russians, to bribing the Ukrainian’s, to, well the list is too long to regurgitate here but, how about ‘abuse of power?’

That won’t do either, because it is the linchpin of forthcoming complaints against the Obama Administration, together with the intentional abuse of law enforcement warrant powers involving perjury, abuse of the FISA Court process, illegal surveillance and the unlawful interception of communications, all by the Obama Administration. This is a “Hot Potato” and I suspect the IG wants it to go somewhere else.

Schiff’s hearing proves that Democrats hate a level playing field. They expect a double standard of justice that gives them complete latitude in their politics, immunity from criminal charges, a slavish acceptance of their narrative and unfettered use of their propaganda machines to sway the “deplorable’s” who don’t pay that much attention to national events. What they never expected was for anyone, especially Donald Trump, to push back at ‘em in the same way they have dealt with ‘conditioned’ Republicans for so many years. Now, it’s them complaining that he’s obstructing justice! Can you believe that? 

Democrats staged a wholly partisan impeachment trial in the House, but they can’t pretend that the results have any legal legitimacy, especially to watching Americans. We know exactly what it is, the product of a corrupt Democrat scheme to salvage the ruins left of Trumps cleansing of the deep state. All things being the same, the federal government, if it has Democrat fingerprints on it, will never be trusted again. They’re Marxists after all. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!