It is quite true that given time, government tends to conspire against liberty. Where the labor of real statesmanship gives way to the ease of legislative political votes, where “aye’ votes are cast for bills unread or not even understood, then leadership inevitable falls into the hands of rascals who are wantonly corrupt and untrustworthy. I’m referring of course to the organized criminal syndicate that is the Socialist-Democrat Party including some fellow travelers in the GOP.

When a free society comes to the realization that the mismanagement of its affairs is out of whack, it is no shock that the citizenry would entertain a disbelief in the virtue and honor of those who elected to make the laws that govern us.

What is our recourse, when those who are charged to execute those laws, conspire to protect the dishonest leaders that have corrupted society?

That endears a spirit of suspicion and scorn for all who hold or seek public office, have amassed wealth at the public’s expense and believe they are untouchable. That includes those who believe in protecting the miscreants, at all costs of their honor. When do we push back?

When statements made under the pretense of truth are exposed as lies and no longer shame or dishonor a man, or his/her oaths and promises give no assurance of truth, then one can hardly expect people to keep faith with them. For the honest citizen to utter their real sentiments on the criminality of their corrupt leaders, is to tempt retribution by the corrupted machine through political correctness, unfair taxation, face bankruptcy by the exorbitant costs of defense against unsubstantiated charges or, the alternative, one capitulates to the demands of the machine either by bribe, favor or threat. Just when do honest people start the revolt?

When a politician expects that what he/she utters won’t be published without spin, twists or misrepresentations, and public misfortunes are turned to private profit, the corrupt media, doing their part, will pander to licentiousness with orchestrated political harangues, fake news and unworthy comments, eloquently delivered by emotionally driven, but fact deprived nimrods who pretend to be commentators, still clinging to the socialist lie, the truth be damned.

When decisions of honest judges are doubted by the corrupted rulers and their followers, and issues as to the truth of decisions are not resolved by higher judicial authorities, then the corruption has spread even there.

With that loss of trust, people can be expected to seek redress by the only option left for them, the takedown of the dysfunctional apparatus of state. Presently we have an unshakable leader, Donald Trump, who is doing just that.

Neither is polite conversation any longer possible. The Left won’t have it. They have already decided they are correct so further discussion is not needed. And, by the unchallenged inroads they have made into our higher educational brainwashing systems, proves they may be right. They no longer tolerate free speech on campus or the exchange of ideas on media sources.

The corruption of conservative political thought is invasive and started in the brainwashing centers of our colleges and universities as Marx and Engels wrote in their “manifesto.” The mental corruption of the past decades is apparent with the arrival of new politicos like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, one demonstrably ignorant on economics, her college major, and American history, yet she babbles on about facts she knows nothing about. The fear here is she firmly believes, as do her coterie of Socialists thinking millennials, that they have already won the field on the issues of climate change, energy use, political leadership and the happiness Americans will experience under the joys of Socialism. When do we set things straight? What will it take?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!