How many times have we been in a desert place; a place where nothing seems to be growing? Those times in life when we feel as though life is not working, and we have become non-producers. You have dreams of greatness that have become like stagnate waters. You are beginning to feel as though your desires will never come into fruition.

Who are you to dream again? Who are you to dare to think you can, and should do anything differently than what you have already done? After all, you are past the age of being remarkable. Is it possible to redirect, reboot, and rebirth your life? Can you really take a lemon and make lemonade? Or do you feel that your life has hit a wall; something that could have been; and almost was?

How do you come back from set-backs and disappointments? Is there a strategy, a prayer, a tool to turn a desert into a green pasture? First, let’s take a look at what happens in the deserts. Deserts have a lack of rainfall. The plants and animals that survive have learned one thing-ADAPTATION. They know how to live within situations in which others will die.

There are two desert plants that hold water; the Cactus and Americas. Because these two plants know how to hold their water they remain green while others die. The surviving desert animals know they can only hunt at night when it is cooler. For a person, the desert is hot and lonely during the day and cold and fearful at night because men do not know how to live in the desert.

A person will feel isolated and very alone. They will feel hopeless and everything they have ever done flashes before them. No matter how you look at it, the desert is not a happy place.

The “Desert Conditions” of life leaves us feeling separated from everyone around us. It can draw us into a place of depression and loneliness. Those desert-places where you cannot find answers to why you are going through what you are going through. The place where you feel as though God is no longer listening to your prayers.

With all of its’ drawbacks, there is something amazing about the Desert. It may lack a constant flow of surface water, but they do not lack water. The water is underneath the surface. It is out of reach. Your life may be in the desert, but it does not have to be the end. When you are in a strange land, a place of uncertainty, think about how you can make this place better? How can I take the hand that I have been dealt and make it something great?

The FIRST thing you want to do is shift your thinking. Yes, you have to change your mind about your circumstances. I truly believe when given the right tools; we can change anything. I know what it feels like to really feel alone. I understand the heartbreak and challenges of not having enough money. I understand the woes of friends forsaken, but I also know the joy of growing into the understanding that nothing is wasted in this world.

Everything you are experiencing today is for a divine purpose. Do not allow yourself to think a divorce, a death, a loss of any kind is the loss of everything. You are more resilient than you realize. You have the power within you to make it through this “desert” place in your life.

When the children of Israel were in the desert they murmured and complained. They were hot, hungry, thirsty and tired. They forgot that the God who showed His power in Egypt would be with them in the desert.

SECONDLY, begin to see things differently.

Deserts are changing all the time and becoming places of habitation for more and more living things. I remember watching a documentary on the life of beavers. A group of beavers had become part of the desert landscape by building a dam located miles away that redirected water into a desert. In doing so, this desert now has a running stream where water flows and plants grow.

The years have come and gone that book is still not finished, the song not produced, or it may be a new business, or an invention gone unchartered. Your desert has lasted for such a long time that now you feel like giving up. You may be thinking you have reached the end of starting something new.

Can you really build something in the desert?

Yes, you can build anything anywhere. I am a true testament to this truth. Over 4 years ago, I received a call from my dad, that my mother was not doing well, and he could no longer care for her. I packed what I could in my car and moved back to my hometown.

With all of my attention on the task at hand; I did not think about anything else but the care of my mother. When she passed away, my mind went back to doing some of my previous work. I wanted to continue with my radio shows. However, my hometown was an internet desert. There was literally no one who had quality internet service; however, that has all changed now. I was able to push through to get what I needed to do the work I now do.

As I write this article, I am thinking of how many times I have experienced situations that spoke to me “I can’t, or I don’t” or the fact that I have the very real noise of freight trains moving through on its way to deliver your food, cars, and a plethora of other items you need. It has no public schedule and, if it does not move, the entire nation will feel the impact. I thought how can I be productive in this space!?

There are many desert situations around me, however I am learning that deserts are places to re-define destiny and purpose. Deserts are those places where you can take what is in your hand and become the Michelangelo or Leonardo De Vinci. You can use what is within reach to make it something that everyone will appreciate. A desert gives us the option to become a creative thinker and give birth to new vision and new ideas.

The reality is there is plenty of water in the desert, but it is so deep underneath the surface one person would die in the digging. However, when you want it bad enough, when you are willing to put in the time and the energy to make the dig worth it; you can do it. At first, it seems the desert will defeat you, but once you realize the desert has everything you need; you will no longer see it as the place of death, but the place of a new genesis.

THIRDLY, stop complaining and be grateful.

The Children of Israel complained about everything. They wished they had been left in Egypt. The issue is looking back to where you have come from is a sure way to remain as you are. You will never get out the desert looking back. You get out when you become creative.

Remember the story of the man who dug himself out of prison using a spoon? Now, my friends that is what I call being creative!

Regardless of how much trauma we may experience in life; we want to mature and grow wiser in those times. Once you have mastered a walk across the desert; you can do it again. This does not mean you want to, but you can. You found out you can live through trauma. You can walk on fire and defy the odds against you. You may feel as though life is over, and you will not be able to make a comeback; but you will. Not only will you make a comeback; you will be stronger and bolder and more courageous than ever!

In March of 2017 some of the world’s hottest deserts were seen bursting with blooms; including California’s Death Valley. The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park which is known to be barren had a “super bloom,” when is describe as a desert suddenly bursting alive with beautiful flowers.

Your life is about to burst alive with the presence of beauty unseen before. You will realize that those dry places are now your stepping stones to something wonderful. Don’t you dare give up, cave in or quit. Just when you think nothing good can happen; look again, those are flowers blooming in the desert.