Just Say NO! Regain Your Personal Power & Positive Self-Esteem 2

“No” is a lesson that we’ve carried from our earliest memories, and these memories are encapsulated in deep emotions. We have to negotiate around that little word “no” to be able to release some of our limitations that we have placed on ourselves. The key is to learn how to regain your personal power and positive self-esteem.

When we experienced no’s early in childhood, it made us feel like we were flawed, not quite perfect, and that helped us place blame, shame, and guilt on ourselves. Many of us are still experiencing no’s from a point of emotion, not a point of reason. Beverly “DrBev” Jackson guides the listener through the possible root causes of why there may be relationship issues. Check out DrBev’s small book discussing where these emotional issues originate, she then gives exercises to help work past “no” to a knowing of improved self-image and emotional health.

For Further Insight:
DrBev’s Book: Just Say No!
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