Who was Roe? Is there more to her story than what feminists tell us? How did the American judicial system pave the way for decriminalizing killing babies and what were the six erroneous assumptions the Supreme Court made in the Roe v Wade case? Samuel Casey, Esq., explores the history, the women and the six erroneous assumptions.

As a public interest lawyer, Samuel Casey, Esq is well-known for his legal advocacy work defending the sanctity of human life before various state and federal courts and legislative bodies, including the United States Congress and United States Supreme Court. As a pro-life advocate, he has appeared on various radio and television talk shows, and been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and Washington Post, to name a few, in defense of the inalienability of human life, the health care right of conscience, the pregnancy care industry, bioethics and the advancement of human embryo adoption.

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Roe v Wade: An Exercise of Assumicide appendix in What If We’ve Been Wrong?  https://guidinglightbooks.com/store/what-if-weve-been-wrong/