Monday, October 22, 2018

Crime, Corruption, Terrorism, Workplace Violence, School Shootings; together
we’ll be Chasing Justice!

Joseph Pangaro is a highly decorated retired Police Lieutenant, Criminal Investigator, Hostage/Crisis Negotiator and Master Trainer. He served his community for 27 years, retiring in 2013 to take on the role of Director of School Safety and Security for a large School district in Central NJ. In this capacity Director Pangaro upgraded all aspects of safety and security for the district and provided state of the art training to all staff members. 

In addition to his experience in law enforcement and the schools Mr. Pangaro is also an award winning writer, instructor, and public speaker. His articles on police work, safety issues, criminal investigations, terrorism and many other topics appear in numerous publications in the US and other countries. 

His unique perspective on crime and punishment, criminal investigation and the causes of violence in society along with his ability to relate to all of us will make “Chasing Justice” your favorite go-to program on all things safety and security. Your life might depend on it!  

Lt. Joseph Pangaro
Investigator, Hostage/Crisis Negotiator

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Crime and Punishment, Safety and Security, Terrorism, Workplace Violence, School Shootings, Investigations, and Corruption are all a part of our lives.

On “Chasing Justice” we will uncover the truth about these incidents, look at the investigations and the people that investigate them, and we will dig deep to see what can be done to make our lives and our families safer in this dangerous era.

The world of security is larger than the police, it includes the men and women of the private sector, retail security, and our police and corrections hero’s. These are the voices we will bring to you along with their experience and advice.

We will also listen to the victims who never got justice, the cold case victims who call to us from the grave. We will profile their cases and together we will try to give them closure, together we will be “Chasing Justice”.

Pangaro Writings on Police Work, Safety Issues,
Terrorism & Criminal Investigations

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Joseph Pangaro (Lt. Ret) hails from New Jersey and lives on the famed Jersey Shore. He served as a police officer for 27 years where he worked in the patrol division, and 14 years the detective bureau where he investigated homicides, serial crimes and narcotics trafficking. He attained the rank of Lieutenant where his duties included crisis hostage negotiator, internal affairs investigator and lead training instructor. Lt. Pangaro received numerous meritorious awards during his career.

After retirement in 2013 Lt. Pangaro took on the position of Director of School Security for a large district where he updated all school security practices and protocols and ushered in a new philosophy of school security. 

He started Pangaro Training in 2009 to provide programs for law enforcement, schools and the business community and he teaches across the US. Director Pangaro is also the writer of award winning articles and columns for many publications including the FBI magazine, Blue Magazine, Autism Parenting magazine, NJ Cops and many others. He has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Radio, Blue Lives Radio, and the America Out Loud Network.