There is growing evidence that career government officials became a band of fanatics within the very core of our nation to weaponize their positions of trust to attempt a regime change in our duly constituted system of government.

John Brennan has anointed himself as the titular head of a cabal encouraging active personnel of the intelligence, diplomatic and law enforcement agencies to defy their commander in chief. He is not alone in this effort. Former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin echoes Brennan going so as to say, “Thank God for the deep state.”

I am deeply disturbed by this quote by Brennan delivered on Wednesday October 30, 2019 at George Mason University.

“The reason why Mr. Trump has this very contentious relationship with CIA and FBI and the deep state people is because they tell the truth, because they cannot be manipulated like clay in his hands. Because they will stand up and speak out when things are wrong. And they will tell him what the truth is. And the truth he fears because he has lived on anything but the truth, not just during his presidency, but even before that.

So thank goodness for the women and men who are at the intelligence community and law enforcement communities, who are standing up and carrying out their responsibilities on behalf of their fellow citizens.

So if he doesn’t use their intelligence, if he doesn’t use their contributions to this country’s security, well, bad on him. But our people who continue to fight the fight in the trenches here as well as overseas will do their work irrespective of what he is going to do or say about them.”

James Comey, another member of this senior official cabal, continues to insist the the Mueller investigation failed to unseat President Trump not because he failed to uncover anything substantive but because the optics of the presentation, that’s called political spin, weren’t correct. Comey said this recently at a Politicon conference in Nashville:

“He didn’t succeed in his mission because there was inadequate transparency to the American people on whose behalf he was investigating.

The way in which his report was spun, massaged and, in my view, misconstrued by the attorney general. 

The way in which it was physically presented made it impossible for the American people to have access to it.

Mueller presented a great report that’s old-school. It’s 446 pages long. But nobody has access to it, so nobody sees the work he did, and the American people, except for a small slice, don’t know that he removed any possible fuzz on the notion of the Russian attack, that he laid out an extraordinary series of acts by the president.

I think part of his mandate is to make sure that the people who he represents have a reasonable understanding of what he found.”

Note: Mr. Comey is incorrect about the availability of Mr. Mueller’s report. The full text of the redacted copy of the Mueller report can be found here.

Read these words by these senior officials carefully and digest them.

These are men who had a great influence in hand-picking and training career officials in the Executive Branch three-letter agencies of the US government. And they are both pounding the airwaves defending their view that presently active operatives of the government are more important decision makers than the elected officials they serve.

For anyone who has served the United States and sworn to support the Constitution of the Unites States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic, this is simply outrageous. It’s dangerously insubordinate and an existential risk to this Nation. These men are believers that they are not beholden to the elected leader the people sent to the capitol to command the apparatus of government. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

Brennan led an agency with a core competency in covertly fermenting regime change as a tool of statecraft in the foreign affairs of the United States and he is clearly encouraging members of the intelligence apparatus to turn those skills on the government of the United States; an agency by the way expressly forbidden by law to operate within the United States because it is as much a weapon of this nation as our military. He’s openly declared the White House to be a domestic enemy. In the same session at George Mason University called Congress feckless and unable to act, so he doubled down yet again calling on careerists within these agencies to act with or without the elected or judicial oversight of the government.

‘John! Dude! You are not being a patriot. You’ve just become the very domestic enemy of this Nation you purport to despise. Your are a rogue calling for an uprising hoping your hand-picked band of fanatics who believe your version of national policy supersedes the proper chain of command rise up and fight. And you are very, very wrong.’

Granted, President Trump’s choices of how to conduct the affairs of the Executive Branch do differ radically from the carefully curated traditions of long standing agency policy and strategy axioms.

But dammit man, it’s his right to try different paths to solve national and international problems. He’s the President. That’s his job for blessed-sake.

The fact that his approaches include being bold enough to trade off long held positional bargaining chips in order to open new options to effect the national interest is well within the legitimate tools of statecraft the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is supposed to be pursuing. That it tips over every rice bowl in every agency is perfectly fine.

I’ll remind Mr. Brennan that President Reagan was willing to both build up the arsenal of the United States and negotiate it away in exchange for finding an end to the Cold War. I’ll also remind Mr. Brennan that President Kennedy called Premier Khrushchev to find a solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis that did not particularly sit well with some parts of his Executive Branch eager to start a nuclear war. 

I’ve been witness to some of these events and I know, as anyone who’s ever been exposed to such things should know, that discontinuities and radical shifts in the direction of national policy and strategy are how global stability is husbanded and evolved. Everything is on the table to get to a better outcome for the Nation. Infrastructure is just a pawn, a very expendable pawn.

I cannot say this loudly enough. Mr. Brennan is so wrong to try to interfere with this process. He is hurting the national interest in doing so. His myopia to save the status quo of a world that has already evolved past the comfort zone of the three letter tribes he seeks to protect flies in the face of a planetary reality that change is a constant and the status quo is properly the first victim of better outcomes. He fails to see what President Trump clearly sees, there’s no good future to be seen in a rearview mirror.

It is a disservice to this Nation that Mr. Brennan and his cabal fights the White House instead of encouraging the agencies in which they served to be consummate professionals and maximize the statecraft objectives of their Commander in Chief. Creating friction within these agencies only serves to disadvantage the country by creating paths of exploitation others can use against us. In doing so, Mr. Brennan is fermenting a gigantic asymmetric flaw in our country’s ability to prevail in very complex policies and strategies vis-à-vis skilled and focused adversaries.

American Presidents have always redefined the core axioms of creative statecraft. Take the initiatives set in motion by President’s Nixon and Carter. Nixon by being bold enough to go to China when no one though it was remotely possible. Carter by being bold enough to start the culture of “Getting to Yes” by bringing Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat together to change the definition of peace in the Middle East.

Today we see President Trump being bold enough to do the same; albeit on many fronts at once because the guy does have a knack for multitasking that really does drive linear brain people bonkers.

He is a broken-field runner, not a nester. Too bad, he’s the President. This is his style. The fact of the matter is all these initiatives are his job. That’s what a president does. Deal with it.

I don’t know exactly how deep and how far John Brennan’s misguided efforts to pursue a national agenda outside the duly constituted channels of government have been. I don’t know how much of what they did may or may not have resulted in violations of US laws. That’s something that people like William Barr and John Durham to ferret out. That Mr. Durham’s investigation has recently taken a criminal turn is interesting, but it would be idle speculation to guess what that turn entails.

What I do hope is that Barr and Durham do not hold back. I want them to be tenacious no matter where it leads. Bringing our federal government’s apparatus back into the loyal service of duly elected leadership as specified by our Constitution is vital to the survival of the United States of America.

They’re just pawns, expendable pawns.