Who would have thought that roughly thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union we would be facing a communist takeover of our very own country, right here in the good ole USA. And make no mistake about it, that is exactly what is currently underway by the ‘Progressive’ Communist Democrat Party.

They may call themselves “progressive,” but the reality is that the once-proud Democrat Party has been overtaken by an extreme left faction that controls the party through fear and intimidation. Demanding their member’s adherence to a hardcore, hard-left ideology more reminiscent of the Moscow of old than of Washington, D.C. Democrat politicians either comply with the dictates of Bernie Sanders and AOC or pay the price of being ‘primaried’ in the next election by a commie-candidate approved by the hard left of the party.

The usurper Joe Biden, who appears to be headed towards a highly contested and what appears to be a fraudulent victory in November’s election, possesses neither the will nor the mental capacity at his advanced age to deal with and resist the hardcore progressives of his party.

Joe Biden will be nothing more than an easily manipulated meat puppet for the hard left.

Since it looks more and more likely that this election will be stolen from President Trump, and from the American people for whom he worked so tirelessly for four years⏤the questions now become: Will the wishes of half the nation simply be dismissed and ignored? Will the seventy-plus million Americans who voted to keep making America great be heard at all?

The answer to that first question is most certainly ‘yes’, the Americans who voted for President Trump will be dismissed. Much as they have been for the last twelve years by the Democrats who called them “deplorable” and “dregs.”

Communists have never been concerned about the wishes of the people who have had the misfortune of living under the oppression of communist rule. ‘People’ don’t matter to the hardcore left, only their ideology is what is important to them.

The commie left in America has been indoctrinating in our schools and colleges for decades. How else can you explain people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? When the repeated historical failures of communism are pointed out to them⏤their argument is, “well, we’ll get it right this time.” Never acknowledging that communism never works because it’s a corrupt system and people can be corrupted.

I find it really rich that Joe Biden is now calling for all the Trump supporters to “give Biden a chance.” To put the acrimony behind us.

Sorry Joe, after what your party did to President Trump and the American people for over four years I will never give you a chance. I’m pissed and I’m going to stay pissed. In fact, I hope however many years you can last in office are the most miserable you have ever spent in your life. I’ll certainly do what I can to achieve that. 

I have spent decades of my life fighting against communism, and I have no intention of giving it a chance to take hold in my country. And a communist take-over of the United States is what Joe Biden represents, whether he even realizes it or not.

The Obamunists will accept nothing less than a complete overthrow of our capitalist, free-market system. A Joe Biden presidency will go a long way towards finally achieving that “fundamental transformation” of our nation that Barack Obama couldn’t get done in eight years.