The not so silent majority basked in the glory of that fateful Presidential win in November 2016, when Donald J. Trump cleaned the clock of HRC in what was known as a red tsunami, and today, that red wave is on a grander scale as Trump supporters have multiplied.

2016 was a historical election, when America voted in a non-political American patriot-president who would support the people and our country rather than sell us out to the highest bidder among our foreign enemies. It’s no secret that “We the People” wanted a leader who supports and protects Americans from the poachers of humanity and all the evils of the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama administrations.

Yet this will not stop the Democrat party, along with their socialist agenda and Biden/Harris⏤with their ultimate goal to sabotage and destroy our great nation and its people?

Take a look around the United States, at Democrat blue run cities, you will witness the likes of a rogue crime syndicate, filled with mayors, governors and city councilmen, and women who operate on a weaponized level, jeopardizing innocence of every kind.

These are the bandits who enforce the bastardizing and defunding of our rule of law and police forces. These are the bad actors who legalize criminal behavior while suppressing the voices of sovereign citizens. These are the delinquents, thieves, rapists, and murders who hired gang bangers, BLM and ANTIFA for the Democrat Party to conduct their street politics in the name of chaos and vandalism.

They, along with Joe Biden, claim Antifa is just an idea so they can dumb down another layer of the sheeple, banking on the fact that the fake news media will give them a few seconds in the spotlight to proclaim their illegitimate narratives.

Seriously, do the “clowns in America” really believe the American people will buy-into the social media programming that Joe Biden would make a better President? This dude has raped and pillaged his political platform for 47 years and not made any meaningful contribution to the American people. This man is nothing but a shill for the military-industrial complex and foreign enemies, as well, he is tied to the very same criminal enterprise under the #44 Obama/Biden administration who worked hard at trying to strip America of its greatness for 8 very long years. Why would any healthy American vote this evil man back into power?

Yes, it’s true, Joe Biden once spoke at the funeral of the Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, (belonging to the Democrat party) and praised segregationist, George Wallace, and saying he “he didn’t want his kids to grow up in a racial jungle.” Excuse me, Joe, what the hell does that mean? This is the same man wanting the black vote, remember that!

The same Joe Biden who openly touches children in front of their naïve parents at political events while smiling that snarky smile as he fondles their innocence for the world to see. The same Joe Biden who has represented the Democrat Party for 8 years as vice president for the 44th administration, further corrupting our judicial system, state department, and all other offices of government while he and his executive team worked against our military men and women who protect our nation from foreign and domestic adversaries.

Americans will never forget the victims of Benghazi, Extortion 17, the Ganjgal Ambush, and other compartmentalized war crimes that have taken place during the 8 long years of Obama/Biden. God help us recover what was lost during the time he served as Inspector General during 2007, working hand in hand with the military-industrial complex and deep state actors. All of this needs to be investigated for further corruption concerning those who funded and profited both sides of war in the names of our fallen American heroes.

There’s that little issue the Biden family has regarding the island they own, just coincidentally across from Epstein island, with some in the know alleging the trafficking ties of the world’s children.

Joe Biden couldn’t even get through a debate with President Trump without his wet nurse and deep state operative Chris Wallace. No doubt the recent first debate of Trump vs Biden filled many a household with entertainment but also enraged the blood pressure counts of many as another trickster move was witnessed by traces of wire seen from Biden’s wrist and upper chest area. Regardless of whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, illegal actions were evident, but then again, that’s just how the Democrat Party operates.

As President Trump stated at the debate, “I’ve done more in 47 months than you’ve done in 47 years.” BOOM!

All one has to do is look around the United States from coast to coast, to witness the love and support of the people’s President, Donald J. Trump, who will be re-elected by a tsunami of voters this November 3, 2020, despite whatever treasonous measures the deep state launches.

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters wait days to get into his rallies, while hundreds of boaters fill the lakes and waterways across the U.S. waving their flags and banners, while sleepy Joe Biden couldn’t muster up a bathroom line at a restaurant. The numbers and the spirit of Americans’ don’t lie, but we know that leftist commentators and Fake News Media does.

The collective consciousness grows in the light day by day, the masses are awakened from their slumber and reacquaint themselves with a better version and higher purpose and calling, one where all people are considered and treated as equal in the eyes of God and man, and whose sovereign rights are protected.

In retrospect, we are reminded by the profound words of Brandon Straka, a once proclaimed Liberal/Democrat who today still strikes a chord in the hearts and minds of Americans with his #WalkAway campaign.

The American people will stand vigilant, protecting ourselves against the threats of tyranny we know to pose imminent threat, and we will execute our constitutional, God-given rights that our forefathers executed over two centuries ago, we will be armed with the presence of God Almighty and with the knowledge of history.