It should be obvious to any rational and fair minded American⏤based entirely on the events of the last five years, that the absolute majority of the leaders of the Democrat party, their followers and the mainStream media, as well as several ‘Republicans’ all suffered an extreme ‘concussion’ in 2016 when Donald J. Trump was elected president, causing all of them to writhe from the (TDS) Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Not dissimilar to fighting military suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

To comprehend the reason for their unhinged TDS, read how entrenched his political opponents have been swimming in the Swamp:

Joe Biden 1972 Delaware, 47 years
Dianne Feinstein 1978 California, 41 years
Hillary Clinton 1979 Arkansas, 40 years
Nancy Pelosi 1987 California, 33 years
Jerry Nadler 1992 New York, 28 years
Andrew Cuomo 1993 New York, 27 years
Chuck Schumer 1998 New York, 22 years
Adam Schiff 2001 Los Angeles, 19 years
Mitt Romney 2003 Utah, 17 years

They have been and are part and parcel of what President Dwight Eisenhower called the “Military Industrial Complex”; both Democrats and Republicans –  because they (Congress) approved to go to the various wars from the end of WWII till 2016. I would like to state the obvious that DJ Trump is the only president in recent memory who has NOT initiated any conflict anywhere around the world. On the contrary, as we have witnessed recently, the peace agreements between the Arab states of the UAE, Bahrain and Israel, to start with.

Most Americans who hate Trump may have not bothered to look at the attached links of 30 plus years ago, when even then, young Trump was making exactly the same comments, declarations and intentions on how to Make America Great Again that he used for his attempt at the presidency.

1988 with Oprah Winfrey

1999 with Larry King (the alleged ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’  Trump would have had Oprah Winfrey as Vice President)

1987 with Donahue

When Trump declared his intention to run for the presidency on 16th June 2015 while going down the escalator at Trump Tower, very few reporters and or talk show hosts ever connected this to Obama’s 2011 White House Correspondents dinner when Obama publicly made fun of and attempted to humiliate Donald Trump regarding Obama’s Birth Certificate.

Obama 2011 White House Correspondents dinner

It was from that moment on – as events under Obama were going from bad to worse⏤that Donald Trump came to the belated conclusion, that if an incompetent politician can be elected president of the USA, and if he wants to Make America Great Again, he cannot continue to be an observer, pontificating and lamenting the weaknesses of her leaders. He had to put up a fight for the presidency of the USA to save the Republic from her downhill spiral.

He succeeded to do so against 16 of the most seasoned political opponents because his message to patriotic Americans resonated with all of them.

Every single item that Trump strived for, the Democrats, his opponents and the mainStream media (actually the enemies of “We the People”) made sure they obstructed not only by opposing him but also by spreading falsehoods 24/7/365 in collusion with the creatures of the Swamp.

Let me share with you what Trump wanted to achieve and how the Democrats and the fake media did their worst to impede:

  1. Secure the borders of the USA so that illegals, criminals and terrorists cannot easily come in undetected. No nation is sovereign without secure borders
  2. Stop giving aid and comfort for illegals above those of American citizens costing tax paying Americans hundreds of billions of dollars, nor supersede millions of people applying legally to be American citizens
  3. Investigate any and all people intending to come to the USA from Muslim states that support terrorism. This has absolutely nothing to do with Anti-Islam or xenophobia as both Democrats and their Muslim allies in the USA have been falsely but deliberately accusing Trump of
  4. To make sure that America’s allies in NATO share in their own defence instead of leaching off American taxpayers
  5. The same for Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and others
  6. Stop giving hundreds of millions of dollars to states that actually hate America and support terror such as Pakistan and the Palestinians
  7. Not to start any war (unless in self-defence) and bring as many troops from outside the USA back home
  8. To stop the Ayatollahs of Iran from ever getting an Atomic Bomb and its delivery system (Biden and Kamala Harris if elected have every intention to let them)
  9. To renegotiate economic agreements with Canada, Mexico, China and other Asian nations to a fair level so that it will stop being one sided to the detriment of the USA
  10. To remove failed Obamacare and replace it with a more market competitive system
  11. To allow parents’ choice of schools and change the curriculum to reflect more Patriotism and Capitalism than Globalism and Socialism
  12. Bring back industries to the USA instead of sending them to the cheap labour of Communist China and others
  13. To make the USA Energy independent so that no nation on Earth can hold her and her allies ransomed politically or economically
  14. By doing the above, America achieved the least number of unemployed in 50 years as well as the best financial gains for Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans
  15. To keep promises made to the American people, allies of the USA and her enemies
  16. Most of the above have been accomplished in spite of all attempts by Democrats and their media stooges to derail them, until China deliberately unleashed the Corona virus to destroy America’s economic and job successes.

How and why can any logical and patriotic American fault any of the above?

Why would any American fall for the current blatant lies of Joe Biden, Pelosi and the media that Trump was late in confronting the Corona pandemic when it was the Democrats who were deliberately misleading and totally removing the attention of the American people with their failed Impeachment charade in December 2019, the very month that China unleashed the Corona Pandemic upon the world?

After all, within hours of President Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China on January 31st, top Democrats and media figures immediately derided the move as unnecessary and xenophobic, but they are now beating a hasty retreat from that position as the coronavirus continues to ravage the economy and cause thousands of deaths.

The reason Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown on 24th February 2020 (without masks) was because of the narrative the Democrat Party continues pushing, that Donald Trump and Republicans are racist, and xenophobic. Democrats thought Donald Trump’s closing down travel from China as a measure to protect Americans from the Coronavirus was a good opportunity to carry on that falsehood. Neither Donald Trump, nor any Republican, made any comments about Chinese Americans, or Chinatown. Neither Donald Trump, nor Republicans discouraged anyone from going to Chinatown.

The degrees of hypocrisy, duplicity and mendacity exhibited by both Democrats and media are beneath contempt and beyond the pale. After almost five years of such blatant and egregious lies, one must come to the following conclusion:

Question: When can anyone know if Democrats or the media are lying?

Answer: They’re moving their lips!

Watching senile Joe Biden self-destruct in every single interview is demeaning to the office of the Presidency, but is logical from the point of view of the Democrat party. They are staking all their hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and the fate of the USA on the hope, that if Joe Biden is elected to the presidency, he will be the Trojan Horse that will lead to the actual presidency of far leftist Kamala Harris.

I have no doubt that Joe Biden is willing to be the sacrificial lamb for removing Trump and the Republicans from power so that the Democrats will start the road to achieve the dream of Globalists and leftists to create the United Socialist States of America.

Will there be enough wise, patriotic and rational Americans to prove them wrong on 3rd November 2020, and thus save the Republic and Western Civilization?