Although after his first apparent suicide attempt, Epstein was put on suicide watch, two days before his death, the suicide watch was inexplicably cancelled, security protocols were violated, and the CCTV in his cell became inoperative on the very night of his death. Nothing suspicious here.

The scandalous rumors of Jeffrey Epstein and his obsession with sex orgies with underage girls has been around for a long time. It first came to my attention at least fifteen years ago, when his pedophilia and his association with Bill Clinton became generally known.

There were endless whispers about the dozens of times that Clinton (and many other notables) had flown on Epstein’s private plane (“The Lolita Express”) to his private island, to enjoy the illicit ‘pleasures’ of sex with under-age girls. The rumors had been circulating for years. And during that time, Epstein’s ‘friends’ have included some of the country’s most powerful and influential people. Yet somehow, they all escaped the very short arm of the law – until now. 

Donald Trump also knew Epstein nearly 20 years ago, but according to most reports, they were not close and Trump severed ties with him years ago. In fact, it was reported that Trump barred him from Mara Lago, his private club in Palm Springs, Florida, after one of his female employees accused Epstein of assaulting her. 

On the other hand, Bill Clinton and Epstein appeared to be fairly close for many years. Although the former President now claims to have taken only four flights with Epstein between 2002 and 2003, flight logs put Clinton on Epstein’s private jet on twenty-six separate flights. According to those in the know, Clinton was only one of the many notables who were invited on these private sex junkets.

The lurid story of Jeffrey Epstein’s ugly career will one day be told in much more detail, and will contain the names of many of the famous people for whom he provided these illicit services. His addiction to sex with his young victims, who became his – and their – sex slaves, was something he was happy to share with his friends. His female assistants who helped procure the endless supply of young girls for him, participated with him in orgies. For their services, each of them reportedly were paid more than $200,000-a-year. And the young girls they abused were scarred for life. This was indeed a very sick business!

Arrest and ‘Suicide’

After his arrest in July for sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy, Epstein was apparently cooperating with authorities, which must have terrified his former ‘friends’. Although he was put on suicide watch after his first apparent attempt on his own life last week, it didn’t last. Just two days before his death, the suicide watch was cancelled, security protocols were violated, and the CCTV in his cell, which should have recorded the events of that night, became inoperative only hours before his death.

Because Epstein was incarcerated in a federal prison, U.S. Attorney General William Barr has vowed to investigate. And so he should. There is nothing ordinary about this story. And a lot that appears to be highly suspicious.

The death of Jeffrey Epstein is no great loss to mankind. And it is one great victory for young women everywhere, who might otherwise have gotten caught up in his sex trafficking nightmare.

But the mystery of his death, the two ‘suicide’ attempts and the total mismanagement of his security by prison officials will, hopefully, be thoroughly investigated. The privileged few, for whom the laws that the rest of us must abide by don’t seem to apply, need to be held accountable.

There is no way of knowing how many young lives Jeffrey Epstein destroyed with his sick obsession with pedophilia, but it is time for the guilty, who participated in his obsession, to be held accountable.