In this inspiring interview, titled “I am a child of God” I am excited to introduce my guest Jack Emmott. Jack Emmott, is in Conciliation Law, and his story is powerful. His medical experiences ran the gamete, completely paralyzed in an iron lung as a youngster, then on crunches attending regular school, assisted by his brothers.

Jack Emmott

He received his law degree from the University of Texas, and has never stopped in his fight to remove acrimony from divorce and bring peaceful resolutions that focus on saving children and relationships. Twenty years ago, he was stricken with Post-polio Syndrome and was again in an iron lung. Rehabilitation had to begin from scratch, but he did it. Today, Jack navigated the world from and electronic wheelchair, spreading love and care where ever he goes. He is married to his college sweetheart, Dorothy, with two children and four grandchildren.

Deep faith in God, shared by his parents, supports Jack in everything he does. There were times when he doubted what God intended for him. But by placing his life in God’s hands, Jack accomplished what others would deem impossible.

BOOKS by Jack Emmott
– Bending Angels: Living Messengers of God’s Love
– Prayerful Passages: Asking God’s Help in Reconciliation, Separation, and Divorce

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