My worst fears were realized last week after watching the Democrats’ disgusting response to POTUS Trump’s magnificent State of the Union address. My blood pressure climbed as I watched puppeteer Speaker Nancy Pelosi literally directing her colleagues, including her Congressional Clones in white straight jackets to remain seated without clapping as the President detailed how far we have come economically as a nation. POTUS Trump was gracious in giving credit to the American people for our many strides that include more jobs than ever before for women and people of color; energy independence; repaired international trade deals that put America and Americans first and a better paid and equipped military to keep us safe.

The Democrats would have none of it. They and the complicit mainstream media forwarded their continuing false narratives that our nation is in a state of decline. They deny the national security crisis at our southern borders that is obvious to every person who watches the evening news. A crisis that allows thousands of illegal aliens including violent criminals, drug cartel members, MS-13 gang members, deadly drugs who kill thousands of Americans every month, and sex traffickers to freely enter our porous borders.

Presently, three of the most revered Democrats in Congress are an open Socialist and two unapologetic anti-Semitic Muslim extremists – all freshmen; whose Tweets and public speeches give no doubt about their hate of America.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”  Sun Tzu, The Art of War

America has reached a tipping point. Every American no matter what their race or religion who has any common sense knows that we could easily lose this nation to the hordes of ignorant, socialist-minded, give me everything while I give nothing back, destroyers of the once proud American Experiment. It is closer than you can possibly imagine.

The New Progressive and Socialist factions within the Democratic party now control it. Pelosi and Chuck Schumer now realize that they and their older colleagues are steadily being pushed out by a younger, more aggressive generation. Their time is limited because the demographics of Millennial Generation voters now surpass the numbers of common sense moderates. They have gone with the “numbers,” rather than what would heal this nation and move us forward together. They have doubled down and there is no sense trying to reason or negotiate with them. Why should we? They are intent upon destroying America for the simple motive of amassing power.

New Progressive Left state politicians sign legislation legalizing infanticide, illegal drugs, heroin and meth public injection zones. Illegal aliens are provided with free government subsidies, college educations and legal aid, while homeless veterans and the mentally ill freeze to death under freeway overpasses and in dark alleys.

The liberal politicians and Hollywood elite turn their heads away and close their ears to the stories of female child victims of sex trafficking rings. The tide appears to have turned from immigrants who wanted to come to America to realize the dream of assimilating into our society as true “Americans;” to those who come by the thousands to breach our borders carrying the flags of other nations, while throwing rocks at our Border Patrol agents and demanding to be let in so they can turn our country into exactly what they left behind – a shit-hole.

Make no mistake. The fight about “The Wall,” has nothing to do with the wall. It has everything to do with the New Progressive Left and the other paid minions of George Soros supporting amnesty for and the granting of voting rights to over 25 million illegal aliens already in this nation. If that is allowed to happen, “America,” as we know it is gone forever; period. Don’t kid yourselves. Everyday we get closer and closer to the demise of the USA.

We are no longer the “United” States of America. We are the Divided States of America.

Schools no longer teach civics, so our children neither know nor understand anything about our form of government or the Rule of Law. This is by design. Black Lives Matter spews lies about “law enforcement violence” to purposely disenfranchise, defund and dissolve the proactive public safety programs our peace officers use to protect us and enforce the Rule of Law.

American history is now politically correct revisionist history that bears no resemblance to real historical facts. This is by design. If you know nothing about the history of your country, or are taught America and Americans are evil purveyors of hate and racial bigotry; then why would you every want to fight for our nation.

POTUS Trump says in his speech that “America will never become a Socialist country” and the Democrat Congress majority sit on their hands. One out of four people believe that it is alright to burn the American flag. Sporting events that once the heart and soul of this nation have been subverted by knee-taking rich, entitled, elite “social justice warriors.” The fun is gone. Sports have become “political” and divisive. The thrill is gone. It is a shameful turn of events no matter how the NFL spins it.

Almost none of the serious problems facing America and Americans are rocket science. Some problems such as illegal immigration have been completely solvable for generations. Why hasn’t it been solved? Because the majority of politicians on both sides of the isle don’t want it solved.

It is time for another American “civil war” and in this I underline the word “civil.” Make no mistake. Both political parties have taken us to the brink. Although the New Progressive Left and Democrats have led us here; the disengaged RINO Republicans have allowed this dire state of affairs to occur. It should never be forgotten that it was the Republicans who had the majority in the House with a new, dynamic, pro-American Republican President and then did practically nothing to Make America Greater Again.

Our politicians have become the uber-rich, political elite ruling class. We have become subservient to them. This is by their design and certainly not the way that our Founding Fathers envisioned this proud nation to be. Federal politicians have purposely planned the government to guarantee their positions. They vote for their own raises, enjoy retirement, security and medical benefits that no American enjoys. They live in a bubble with no understanding of how the average, hard-working American struggles to make ends meet. They have a “Let them eat cake attitude” reminiscent of the pre-French Revolution era. I am sick and tired of this and so should you be.

I call upon all patriotic Americans to revolt; to wage a new American “Civil War” against those who seek to destroy our nation.

We must gather together and fight for this nation, or our children and our children’s children will live in a corrupt Third World Socialist cesspool devoid of all civil rights and freedoms.

I encourage you all to stand fast to lean forward against tyranny and speak out. Don’t be dissuaded nor intimidated by the intolerant, hateful, left. Demonstrate in mass in peaceful protest. Make your voices heard. Vote for change; not for the Republican status quo where many have let us down and betrayed us. Demonstrate for term limits. Demand that every Senator and Congressperson have only the social security and medical benefits we do. Effect change. It’s the American Way.

We all need to remember that America’s first Civil War was bloody and tore this nation asunder. If we don’t wage a desperate, peaceful but committed “civil” war to put this nation back on the right track; we may very well return to those bloody days of our past.