America’s immigration laws are not broken, they’re just been abandoned. When a glib tongued half-breed marxist president unilaterally announced the country’s immigration laws were inconsistent with “who we are,” and by executive order (DACA), legitimized the invasion of our borders by people who refused to get in line, then we had a tragedy developing. The extent of that tragedy is approaching our borders once again while Democrats keep telling us we have to let ‘em in because “it’s who we are!” Yes, I know Ronald Reagan was conned into doing it too. 

The problem is even made worse when the judiciary feels compelled to confirm the unconstitutional measure as valid law (it’s not) and forbids its removal by the current president. Were I to ask where some tar and feathers could be found, I’d be accused of fomenting racism, hatred and discontent, not to mention, Islamaphobia anti-diversity, anti-multiculturalism, anti-women and of course, anti-something awful about “the little children.” Empathy really sucks!

“It’s not who we are,” to want to protect our borders and our national sovereignty? Where did that come from? Saul Alinsky and Cowart-Pliven, Marxist scholars all and architects of the plan to turn America into a compliant state of the New World Order, a Communist one in fact, where our opinions as individuals are limited to compliantly voting for the only name on the ballot. 

For Progressives, the term “It’s not who we are” signals a demand for a state of ‘empathy’ as government policy. It’s the mechanism that fills Democrat rolls with voters. Encapsulated within its meaning is the demand that we should, indeed we must, “for the sake of the children,” abandon the old ideas of Constitutional Representative Americanism, because that’s not who we really are, and allow our betters to decide what’s best for us. That’s the tragedy.

Political movements should be driven by facts supported by evidence, logic and reason based on law. That is the basis of successful “bipartisanship” governing between two nationally approved party’s but, don’t hold your breath. The Democrats mask has dropped and by their own hand are revealed as a full fledged Marxist enterprise, driven by ideology, emotion and a utopian vision of collective happiness for all under the guidance and leadership of dolts like Obama, Pelosi and Schumer. Just listening to this far left trio of elected officials and one knows instinctively their arguments have no basis in fact, are not supported by logic and, where reason, the method by which contending opinions can be worked out, has no role at all.

During the heated 2016 campaign, Democrats, even while manipulating the candidate voting within their own party to assure a criminal (Clinton) over a Communist (Sanders), feigned wanting to listen to other views and were shocked when they discovered there were indeed  other views. Their shock was manifest on 08 Nov 2016 when Americans signaled their views by electing a brash successful businessman who made promises most of which have been kept. And that is exactly who we are. Empathy has no role in governing save perhaps sparing a killer of his parents from the gallows because he was an orphan.

“Empathy” is the hand maiden of fake news, propaganda and the cause of Democrat turmoil. It’s the tool that allowed our betters to ignore immigration laws. It’s the cudgel of change whether we wanted it or not. When we find a wet puppy in the street, shivering, cold and scared, we pick ‘em up, dry ‘em off and take ‘em home. That’s who we are! A pre-plotted, miles long parade of visually well fed, well clothed and well attended Hondurans, doubtless paid for their efforts to crash our borders, should not invoke our empathy. Let’s avoid the tragedy of feel good politics!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, now, go get ‘em!