The temptation to bask in glory is a fundamental mistake all of us make after an intoxicating victory. 

Political victories have been few and far between for our MAGA movement.

While the Mueller report gave us a moment to gloat in truth, it’s gonna be very very short lived.

Our opposition is impervious to any real learning. Their ultimate goal has been clear from the start. Remove Our President and destroy our Constitution and our Republic, through any means possible, legal or illegal.

They DO NOT Care. They WILL NOT relent.

Until they are reduced to ashes they will continue their quest.

We need to force them to their knees or we will be slaves to them forever.

Put down the champagne, the Republic is at stake. It’s never over till the eagle soars high. 

Love RayRay…and a Poem 

It’s Far From Over

This is no time to gloat
Hop up and down on your bed
If you think they’ll let up
Re-examine your head 

They care nothing about losses
They’re re-trenching instead
Remember their goal
Every Deplorable dead 

So we took a long sip
Champagne bubbled up
When that bottle is empty
We must stay woken up

Relieving some pressure
I get it.. you know
But until they’re defeated
We must not bask in the glow

Our job is not over
In fact It’s only begun
Until he’s re-elected
We must keep loading our gun

Don’t give them an inch
Don’t let them revive
Don’t lower our guard
That’s the only way we survive 

Keep our fist’s clenched
Our Freedoms at stake
We celebrate five minutes
Now come back from your break

The Battle’s still raging
Reinforcements called in
The enemy will re-focus
Still thinking they’ll win

Written by RayRay 3/25/19©️