It's Critical to Health but Largely Ignored by Mainstream Medicine

There are many different facets of health. The body is so complicated we can’t even begin to fully understand all the inner workings of it. One element of health that has been largely ignored by mainstream medicine, but is now getting some attention from health care practitioners is our mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the primary source of energy for our body. And nothing can function very well in our body without it. Some experts are saying that mitochondrial health or the lack thereof, is closely tied to cancer along with many other diseases as well as the ageing process. In fact, the best anti-aging treatment may very well shock you!

“You have to wake up in the morning, and all the things that are important to you, you must say I intend to…” Dr. Sally Schutz

Dr. Sally Schutz, known to her staff and patients as Dr. Sally, trained as an ophthalmic surgeon. She retired from ophthalmology in 1994 following a life threatening car accident. After that she became a healer and educator with another focus: 21st century quantum physics techniques. A former radio talk show host she now coaches clients in Restoring and Bullet-proofing their Health at ​

Dr. Sally is a Lyme warrior having successfully beat Chronic Lyme Disease following a devastating illness. She is a copartner in BestCann CBD Oil and Flourish Fully Nutrients, which offers high quality products according to her strict requirements. You can also read the storyof her Lyme Recovery at

Her recent books include The Anti-Aging Miracles of Hemp-Derived CBD Oil and The Ultimate Guide To Bulletproof Your Dog’s Health. Her latest book: “I Beat Lyme ~ So Can You” is coming out this Spring.

She will be discussing what the mitochondria are and how they can become damaged and what we can do to repair them and get them functioning properly so we can enjoy the health we were meant to have.