Democrats just can’t get over their need to spend other peoples money. But first they need to be in control so, they need to get rid of Donald Trump; they need to find a crime to accuse him of; they need smarter people in their ranks; they need to lie, cheat and steal and they need to do all this while fooling all of us that we need to put them in charge.

What is it with the needs of these people who argue that America should not only pay reparations to Americans of supposed African descent, but to pay reparations to illegal aliens as well? To do this, Democrats (Marxist/Socialists) need to be in power so they can spread the tax payers money to alleged descendants of slaves, as well as to all those Illegals the nasty Republicans (Trump) won’t allow in to our beneficent country because of their needs.

It’s not difficult to understand. For Democrats, It’s simply a wealth transfer scheme, albeit of monumental proportions, disguised as a charitable need to lift those poor unfortunate sots that America (they mean ‘white’ America) have kept mired in poverty or have denied access to America’s bounty so they can vote Democrat. Democrats are speaking in “New World Order” parlance of open borders, pay equity and medical care for all. Democrats need the voters.

To complete the whole picture the desperate need to embrace renewable fuel schemes to fight the changing weather or we all will die, is also needed. Whenever some awful weather occurrence happens, if it’s an earthquake or forest fire that destroy’s whole towns, the need to shift blame to big business and squeeze ’em dry for reparations, is also needed. In California, Pacific Gas and Electric was been found culpable for the forest fires last year that burned Paradise because their power transmission lines run-through forests that haven’t been managed for decades because of the needs of enviro-wacko’s who demand all forests be left pristine and natural. Forest fires are natural too.

How does the California socialist government find the need to blame PG&E for the troubles Liberal politicians have caused? PG&E said they spend a lot of money per year just replacing shot out insulators. How is it that the California government doesn’t protect PG&E power lines. That part of Northern California may soon be forced to rely on nearly useless windmills for their power needs. If that happens see how fast the rising temperature of voter dissatisfaction gets needed attention. Or will it? I think California voters have been beaten down to the point they don’t even see the need to protest the Socialist crap that is now their government.

What needs to be done? Perhaps the homeless, those that are crapping all over Pelosi’s San Francisco streets need to be utilized to clean us the forests, build fire breaks, establish fire fighting water sources and who knows what other needs for forest preserving work they can do. 

In the depression before WWII, the CCC was created to do just that, employe idle men. A need was filled that gave idle men something to do that helped fill the needs for labor of a desperate America. Things got done because they needed to get done. 

Well, here’s a need that must seriously consider. 229 Democrats, voted to negate, to snatch away from 63 million Americans, the 2016 election results that made Donald Trump President. The urgent need is to destroy the Democrat Party before they can destroy America irrevocably. They are the true instrument of political evil and all that’s wrong in America. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!