I’m going to “go there.” Enough of this politically correct baloney from the Democrat Party on their support for open borders and obstruction of building the Wall. The reality is that enforcing our immigration laws and building the wall are part of a crusade to preserve the Republic for our progeny!

The Crusades were fought between Christians and Muslims primarily during the 11th through 14th centuries for control of the Holy Land. Yes, there were other crusades (so-named), but these were the main ones remembered and castigated by the secular Left today such that the word “crusade” is banned in their “polite company.” Pretty much like they condemn or ban or remove other Western historical references, too.

In thinking about the Donald J. Trump political phenomenon – and in particular his ongoing plan encapsulated in that most excellent slogan “Make America Great Again” – I would argue that he (and we) are embarked on a veritable crusade ourselves, and restoring border security to pre-1965 conditions is an integral part of that crusade. And it might even be a holy one when one realizes that the secular Left promote a religion of their own – secularism – in opposition to the intentions of The Founders.

“Today’s American liberalism, it is often remarked, amounts to a secular religion: it has its own sacred texts and taboos, Crusades and Inquisitions. The political correctness that undergirds it, meanwhile, can be traced back to the past century’s liberal Protestantism. Conservatives, of course, routinely scoff that liberals’ ersatz religion is inferior to the genuine article.

American patriots of all religions (less those of the jihadi persuasion) will “Make America Great Again” and preserve our American culture and institutions. It is definitely a Crusade, but it just happens to be in our America, not overseas.

Over the last 50 years, we have let the barbarians inside our “American gate of freedom” for two reasons: 1) Our political class lost their way because globalist interests captured them lock, stock and barrel, and 2) we let it happen!

Why did the Roman Empire fall? Why did Rome keep its military legions outside the city walls? While the Roman legions fought foreign wars, Rome decayed within the walls and eventually was sacked by the Gauls, Visigoth, Vandals, and Ostrogoths. Read more about the fall of Rome and how it happened.

Rome’s fall is eerily similar to present-day America, isn’t it, what with perpetual war since 2001 and the ongoing decay manifested in internal rioting, as well as a spate of articles over the past year about the “impending civil war in America,” steep declines in military readiness during the Obama years from which we have not yet recovered, and a myriad of other domestic issues.

It is high time for all American fighters (our military) to win the war(s) in which they have been engaged for so long, to defeat the enemy on our terms according to executable rules of engagement and workable mission success criteria, and then to come home and protect the homeland from external invasion. Make no mistake; the “caravans” headed north are an invasion force, and radical islamo-fascist terrorists have also entered the US through our porous southern border over the past several years.

As an aside, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Middle East and recognize the enemy. Radical Islam is the threat, and the jihadis are not bashful about telling the world what their agenda is. Yes, I have some friends and acquaintances there who I believe are good people, but since they will not stand up to the radicals, they are also part of the problem. Many radical Muslims in the Middle East are bad, very evil people, but African Muslims are much worse. They will rape anything that moves and have no guilt and no heart. Regions dominated by radical Muslims remain in the Middle Ages. Violence is their way of life. We cannot allow them to freely exert their hateful influence in the United States.

I find it interesting that Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait have taken in ZERO of the so-called refugees/migrants flooding into Western countries. I suspect they understand the threat better than our political class does through long experience. Why should we continue to accept them as American citizens when they refuse to assimilate? 

When Europe was faced with a Muslim invasion, Polish King – King Jan Sobieski – saved Europe by beating back the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Vienna of 1683. Read more about him and what transpired

Now check out today what is happening today in Central Europe. Hungarian President Viktor Orbán is challenging EU migrant policy (and Germany in particular) by not accepting “migrants” from the Middle East, and in fact the Hungarians are building their own wall to keep them out.

In Europe, people are saying that Poland and Hungary are the new “cradle of Western civilization because they dare to protect their borders, language and culture. Other European nations are waking up to the threat to their culture, too.

So why is the American Left so adamant about open borders and in particular relocating radical Muslims within the US? We know statistically that they bring terrorism, murder, gang-rape, electoral fraud, and anti-Semitic hatred, and cost to the tax-payers that is unaffordable. These are all downsides. To my liberal friend(s), I ask these questions: what are the upsides? Can you give me any factual examples of the upsides which make up for all the catastrophic downsides? If not, then why is leftist America so driven about bringing to America a very real threat to our way of life? I suggest that it has nothing to do with compassion or an illegitimate diversity initiative and has everything to do with destroying our Judeo-Christian values and hard-earned American cultural institutions.

The secularist left has no core values, and when values are relative, anything goes – including their cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. Entering a country isn’t a “right;” it’s a privilege decided and extended by the host country – as is standard policy all over the world.

As a classic successful example, ask the Japanese about how strict immigration control works. While this seems like a harsh reality, we are not going to preserve America unless mass deportation of invaders and their anchors are removed from America.

The MAGA revolution includes a key plank on border security, including building the Wall and also strict enforcement of existing immigration laws. But I believe it needs to be extended to include strong incentives for assimilation and – failing that – self-deportation. I have argued vociferously that “diversity” is a plague on the country and indeed is a Democrat/Left political tactic used to divide America. In reality, our true strength is our ability to assimilate people from all over the world – usually by the end of the second generation – as we have done since the founding of America.

The Democrat Party has watered down assimilation over the years and pushed open borders as a mechanism to divide and exploit people for the crass purpose of political gain.

It is long past time to implement measures to strictly control our borders, shut down immigration except for a select few who can provide useful skills, and maximize assimilation of new arrivals once again. And in doing so, we will truly Make America Great Again, defeat the secular Left, and thwart their nefarious goals for the country.

Let’s make it our Crusade!

The end.
Image: Jeff Wheeler